Tuition Referral Programme

Tuition Referral Programme

Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions govern your participation in the Lil’ but Mighty Tuition Referral Programme, which we’ll call Programme here for short. The Programme is run by us; Lil’ but Mighty Education Centre Pte. Ltd. or Lil’ but Mighty.

The Participants referred to below are you (a Qualified Parent). To be eligible for a reward, you, as participants must agree to be bound by the rules described below.

1. Definitions

Referred Parent
Qualified Parent
Eligible Referral
  • the Referred Parent was not referred to Lil’ but Mighty at an earlier date by someone else;

  • the Qualified Parent has made no more than 1 Eligible Referral per billing cycle;

  • the Referred Parent must not have had any enrolled students with Lil’ but Mighty previously;

  • the payment of the tuition fees’ deposit by the Referred Parent to Lil’ but Mighty was successfully processed;

  • the referral form (consisting of the Qualified Parent’s details) submitted by the Referred Parent to Lil’ but Mighty was successfully processed.

  • neither the Referred Parent nor the Qualified Parent should be serving a Withdrawal Notice during the billing cycle the discount is applied.

2. Overview of Programme

Lil’ but Mighty reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without notice.

  • To be an eligible participant in the Referral Programme, you’re a Qualified Parent and the referral you made is deemed an Eligible Referral by Lil’ but Mighty.

  • You’ll receive a $75 discount on the subsequent billing cycle’s tuition fees (which is referred to as the “Reward”). Obviously no Reward will be given in relation to any referrals that aren’t Eligible Referrals.

  • If eligible, you, the Participant, will receive the Reward on the subsequent billing cycle of the time at which the referral is deemed an Eligible Referral by Lil’ but Mighty

3. By taking part you agree:

  • to comply with all applicable commercial and public anti-bribery laws

  • to send referral emails only to people that you know

  • not to engage in any activity that may be considered fraudulent or invasive or that may be considered spamming

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