Primary School English Tuition Specialist

With a thematic approach to spark interest and engage our students in discussion, we make learning strategies at our PSLE English Tuition Centres fun and relevant to the world around us.

Primary 1 & 2 All-in-one

Components covered:
• Creative Writing

• Comprehension
• Grammar and Sentence Construction
• Oral
(Reading and Stimulus-Based Conversation)
• P1 Mighty Reader

Class Duration:

1 hour and 45 minutes

Primary 3 & 4 All-in-one

Components covered:
• Creative Writing

• Comprehension
• Grammar and Sentence Construction
• Oral
(Reading and Stimulus-Based Conversation)

Class Duration:

2 hours

Primary 5 & 6 All-in-one

Components covered:
• Paper 1

(Situational Writing and Creative Writing)
• Paper 2
(including Grammar, Comprehension, etc.)
• Oral
(Reading and Stimulus-Based Conversation)

Class Duration:

2 hours

Primary 5 & 6 Writing

Components covered:

• Paper 1
(Composition Writing and Situational Writing)

Class Duration:

1 hour and 30 minutes

Let’s be exam-smart!

How do we tackle the PSLE English Paper:

All about Strategies
With so many components to tackle, a concrete plan and set of strategies are required to ensure the highest rate of success during the examination. At Lil’ but Mighty, we pride ourselves on being the Best PSLE English tuition Centre due to our easy-to-apply strategies that we impart to our students. Be it in writing, paper 2 components, or oral, our students have the relevant strategies to confidently face each component.


Are you helping your child score the highest possible marks in his/her English examination?

At Lil’ but Mighty, we want to do just that. Covering 3 of the major papers in the English Examination (see above), we recognise the need to help students maximise their time during the programme to achieve progress in their overall score in the shortest possible time. As a good  English tuition centre for primary pupils that endeavours to help our lil’ ones to achieve their best, we want to make sure that your child is equipped to seize as many of the 180 marks as possible that you have entrusted us with.

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How Your Child Will Benefit From Our Primary English Tuition

  1. Become purposeful and structured in approaching English components (highlight keywords, application of strategies to break down questions etc.)
  2. Improvement by the next exam (typically 10-20 more marks)
  3. More confidence in the English language
  4. Develop a love for learning English

Here’s what parents have been sharing about our Primary School English Tuition!

What Makes LBM Classes Different From Other PSLE English Tuition Centres?

How do you know that learning has taken place? When you can teach it.

As a good English tuition centre for primary pupils which is trusted by parents, our classroom practices have been refined over the  years to make learning meaningful and empowering for our students. Not only do our students demonstrate their understanding of the techniques and question types in the practices, but they also are given opportunities to explain questions to their peers with our authentic approach

On top of learning with thoughtfully crafted materials and in a nurturing environment, your child will walk out of our classroom, feeling empowered.

LBM is a primary school English tuition centre that does not just care about how your child performs in the exam; we are also concerned about how confident your child feels in the English language after the test!

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Specific strategies

for each section of the paper

bnr 02
Regularly updated in-house curriculum

to align with MOE’s assessment formats

bnr 03
Highly experienced teachers

trained to deliver our unique LSR methodology

bnr 04
Thematic approach

to enrich content and engage students

bnr 05
Small class size of 6

to build rapport and provide better individual support for each pupil

mm mock exam 1
Tests and mock papers at regular intervals!

Timed tests and mock papers are part of the curriculum

Schedule a Trial Class at our English Tuition Centre

A Course Consultant will pair you up with a suitable PSLE English or Primary English programme for a trial class!

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Interactive Live Online English Tuition

Learning that is out of the world

We know how some of our students have to rush from one location to another for their classes. We also know how some parents often worry for the safety of their children as they travel. An online classroom from home puts these concerns to rest.

The best part? The same materials and techniques used in LBM’s PSLE English Tuition centre-based lessons will be used in our online classroom.

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Every step is a step forward.

At Lil’ but Mighty, we celebrate with our pupils their progress and seize every small victory. We understand that every child is unique and enters the classroom with his or her own experiences. It is especially important for our lil’ ones who might be having primary school English tuition for the first time to have a positive experience in the Lil’ but Mighty classroom. Above all, we hope our lil’ ones will recognise that every effort and every step taken is a step forward.

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Reasons for Primary School English Tuition Services

What is the reason for parents to seek primary school English tuition service for their child? Whether you are hoping to help your child build a strong foundation in the subject, to give your child PSLE English tuition that prepares him or her in the upper primary years or simply to grow your child’s confidence in the language and communication, we are with you on this journey.

Planned with clear learning objectives and attention paid to engage the children, we are set to give our best through our primary English tuition programmes. To put the cherry on top of the cake, options for on-site and online classes are available for our P3 to P6 classes including our PSLE English tuition all-in-one programmes. Are you ready for your child to experience English that makes him or her happy? We are.

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Enrolling for our PSLE English Tuition is easy as A-B-C!

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Simply get in touch with us so that we can know your needs better, and we’ll arrange for your child’s trial lesson!

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