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Level up with advanced O-Level English examination strategies. Without compromising on the joy of learning.

Secondary 1 - Attain

Components covered:

1. Paper 1 – Writing (Editing, Situational Writing, Continuous Writing)
2. Paper 2 – Comprehension
3. Paper 4 – Oral Communication (Reading Aloud & Spoken Interaction)

Secondary 2 - Elevate

Components covered:

1. Paper 1 – Writing (Editing, Situational Writing, Continuous Writing)
2. Paper 2 – Comprehension
3. Paper 4 – Oral Communication (Reading Aloud & Spoken Interaction)

Secondary 3 - Refine

Components covered:

1. Paper 1 – Writing (Editing, Situational Writing, Continuous Writing)
2. Paper 2 – Comprehension
3. Paper 4 – Oral Communication (Reading Aloud & Spoken Interaction)

Secondary 4 - Flex

Components covered:

1. Paper 1 – Writing (Editing, Situational Writing, Continuous Writing)
2. Paper 2 – Comprehension
3. Paper 4 – Oral Communication (Reading Aloud & Spoken Interaction)

Preparing and Studying for O-Level English

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It goes without saying that O Level English is one of the trickiest subjects to prepare for. Students are often overwhelmed by the numerous components tested, and are often stumped as to how to improve at each of them. For many students, especially those who struggle with the language, they resign themselves to not preparing for O Level English at all, believing that their low standard of English is fixed and immutable and will thus always translate to Bs or Cs.

If you have been feeling stumped and resigned by secondary school English, despair no longer! It is never too early or too late to begin preparing for O Level English, and what’s important is to not resign yourself to an unchangeable fate but take the steps to begin improving your English sometime, somewhere!


At Wordstruck, we deeply empathise with our students about the complex difficulties of O Level English, and work hard to make each O Level English component both accessible and enriching for students. Through our carefully curated syllabus, we hope that we can help you discover the beauty and relevance of English, so that studying for it becomes much less of a chore!

Besides the pragmatic reason of giving yourself an edge to enrol in a tertiary education of your choosing, here’s some reasons we believe you should prioritise preparing well for your O Level English journey:

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  • Mastering O Level English components will prepare you for future, real-world responsibilities. Situational Writing trains you to write emails to your future employers, and articles for those of you budding journalists out there. The basics of Expository Writing can aid you in writing clear research papers for university. Carrying out all those Editing practices will make you a whiz at spotting your own mistakes in future. And Oral will train you to speak confidently and fluently during your future interviews!
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  • Exploring O Level English components can help you to ignite a possible passion for English and/or other interests! When you encounter fascinating, moving comprehension Narrative passages, perhaps that can inspire you to look for the book which the passage came from, and spark a love for reading. Or, when you tackle a mind-blowing Non-Narrative passage about unique topics like the history of personality tests or the art of Japanese sushi making, you can discover a new interest you never knew you had! Our passages at Wordstruck are similarly carefully chosen to inspire such bursts of interest and critical thinking, so you can look forward to reading them!
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  • Lastly, O Level English also encourages your critical thinking. Inference questions in comprehension require you to read between the lines and think beyond what is simply explicitly told to you. Expository writing topics encourage you to think in-depth about various topics as you construct a nuanced argument. Learning how to think critically for yourself is definitely an essential skill in today’s discourse-driven world which can sometimes drown you with too much information!

So what are you waiting for? Why not give our enjoyable and enlightening lessons at Wordstruck a try today?

O-Level English: Let's all be exam-smart​

How do we tackle the O-Level English Paper: Strategies & Analysis

The transition from primary school English to secondary school English is one to be handled with thought and careful planning. With secondary school English tuition being taught at an advanced level, it is even more crucial now than before to employ a structured approach that equips our students with the relevant examination strategies and techniques to sit for the school examinations and O-Level English in the future. In order for our students to be crystal clear about the requirements, they go through exercises to analyse the passages and questions posed. Be it in writing, comprehension or oral, Lil’ but Mighty students are ready to achieve their best each and every single time. As a good English tuition for secondary school students, we are confident in our methods.

Our aim as an O-level English Tuition Centre: Grow a generation of change agents equipped with techniques to handle the O-level English assessment and communication skills to create an impact wherever they are planted.

O-Level English: Fewer Components, but Deeper Learning and Broader Perspectives

With seemingly fewer components in O-Level English, it can be easy to assume that O-level English is simpler. However, our O-Level English tuition teachers are aware of the academic requirements and are prepared to deepen learning in these areas. Through discussions on critical issues with our thematic approach, students will broaden their perspectives and open their eyes to the authentic impact English has in their lives.

English is not learnt for assessment. It is a tool for ideation and a way of life.

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How Your Child Will Benefit From Our Secondary English Tuition

  1. Become purposeful and structured in approaching O-Level English components (precision in adhering to the question requirements, application of strategies to break down questions)
  2. Use English in a grammatical and appropriate manner to convey meaning and achieve impact in various contexts
  3. Improvement by the next exam (typically 10-20 more marks)
  4. Develop confidence and a love for English and its intricacies

Here’s what our Secondary students have been sharing about our English Tuition programmes!

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“I attended Lil’ but Mighty tuition when I was P6. During my years at Lil’ but Mighty tuition, I was taught quite a number of skills that helped me in my school and National exam such as the SPCAWSTVPC acronym for editing. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my wonderful teachers who had taught me throughout my years at Lil’ but Mighty for their patience in teaching me how to answer when I do not know how to attempt the question.”

Aloysius, Greendale Secondary School (S1)
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“At the beginning of Sec 1, I was hovering at B4. However, in Lil’ but Mighty Classes, I learnt strategies that could help me improve to an A2 grade.”

Lavan, Tanjong Katong Secondary School (S1)
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“In Lil’ but Mighty, the teachers are very patient with you and if you have any questions for them, feel free to ask as they will answer your questions. The teachers will help you understand English more than you understand it right now.”

Abel, Pei Cai Secondary School (S1)
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“I have learnt many techniques for English in class which helped me with my time management during exams and makes questions easier to understand and answer. The worksheets are also cute and class is fun.”

Kammi, Nan Hua Secondary School (S1)
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“Thinking about LBM, I can only describe it with one word – “Mighty”. They’ve helped me to improve my English in the long run. I was already struggling after my PSLE, so in Secondary 1, I thought about which tuition centre I should join. I’ve many friends that recommended LBM and truly I must say that it is the best. Special thanks to Ms Hui Jun and Ms Kwan for helping me to improve my English.”

Zach, Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Secondary School (S1)

“Lil’ but Mighty has helped me a lot with English and also made English one of my favourite subjects. All the teachers that have taught me have always been patient, no matter how many mistakes I make. When I first joined, I was barely passing English but now I’m getting back A’s and even getting top in the class or level.”

Erika, Compassvale Secondary School (S1)

What Makes LBM Classes Different From Other Secondary English Tuition Centres?

How do you know that learning has taken place? When you can teach it. 

Not only do our students demonstrate their understanding of the techniques and question types in the practices, but they also are given opportunities to explain questions to their peers. 

On top of learning with thoughtfully crafted materials and in a nurturing environment, your child will walk out of our classroom, feeling empowered. There are some things that make us the best English tuition Singapore!

LilbutMightyEnglishStrategies 1
Specific strategies

for each section of the paper

LilbutMightyEnglishSecondaryCurriculum 1
In-house Curriculum

updated regularly to align with MOE’s assessment formats

Highly experienced teachers

trained to deliver our unique LSR methodology

Thematic approach

to stimulate discussion on real world issues

Collaborative learning setting

with small class size of 6

LilbutMightyEnglishContactUs 1
Direct line of communication

to online student portal and messaging app for updates on your child's progress

Enrolling for our Secondary English Tuition Programmes is easy as A-B-C!

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– Comprehensive Guide to all O Level Components

– Quick access to last minute revision tips required to ace the examinations!

– Watch free online pre-recorded videos and read detailed articles on essential topics such as:

1. Approaching Different Types of Continuous Writing Essay Questions

2. How to Tackle Situational Writing (in its Various Forms)

3. Identifying and Mastering All Types of Comprehension Questions

– Hands-on interactive practice for Oral and Listening Comprehension

Interactive Live Online Tuition

Learning that is out of the world

We know how some of our students have to rush from one location to another for their O-Level English classes. We also know how some parents often worry for the safety of their children as they travel. An online classroom from home puts these concerns to rest.

The best part? The same materials and techniques used in LBM’s centre-based lessons will be used in our online classroom.

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Enrolling for our English Tuition Centre Programmes is easy as A-B-C!

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