Secondary English Specialist

Level up with advanced examination strategies. Without compromising on the joy of learning.

Secondary 1 - Attain

Components covered:

1. Paper 1 – Writing (Editing, Situational Writing, Continuous Writing)
2. Paper 2 – Comprehension
3. Paper 4 – Oral Communication (Reading Aloud & Spoken Interaction)

Secondary 2 - Elevate

Components covered:

1. Paper 1 – Writing (Editing, Situational Writing, Continuous Writing)
2. Paper 2 – Comprehension
3. Paper 4 – Oral Communication (Reading Aloud & Spoken Interaction

Let’s be exam-smart!

How do we tackle the O-Level Paper: Strategies & Analysis!

The transition from primary school English to secondary school English is one to be handled with thought and careful planning. With English being taught at an advanced level, it is even more crucial now than before to employ a structured approach that equips our students with the relevant examination strategies and techniques. In order for our students to be crystal clear about the requirements, they go through exercises to analyse the passages and questions posed. Be it in writing, comprehension or oral, Lil’ but Mighty students are ready to achieve their best each and every single time.

Growing a generation of change agents equipped with techniques to handle the O-level English assessment and communication skills to create an impact wherever they are planted.

Fewer Components, but Deeper Learning and Broader Perspectives

With seemingly fewer components in O-Level English, it can be easy to assume that O-level English is simpler. However, our teachers are aware of the academic requirements and are prepared to deepen learning in these areas. Through discussions on critical issues with our thematic approach, students will broaden their perspectives and open their eyes to the authentic impact English has in their lives.

English is not learnt for assessment. It is a tool for ideation and a way of life.

How Your Child Will Benefit

  1. Become purposeful and structured in approaching English components (precision in adhering to the question requirements, application of strategies to break down questions)
  2. Use English in a grammatical and appropriate manner to convey meaning and achieve impact in various contexts
  3. Improvement by the next exam (typically 10-20 more marks)
  4. Develop confidence and a love for English and its intricacies

Here’s what parents have been sharing about us!

LBM Student Testimonial

“Their structured approach to the various components of PSLE English have benefited her, as well as their many practical tips.”

Germaine, parent of Isabelle, Henry Park Primary School (P6)
SA1 73% to SA2 84%
Student Testimonial

“My son enjoys his lessons very much and his English grade has improved tremendously, from 75 in SA1 to 83 in SA2!”

Emily, parent of Wei Hong, Rulang Primary School (P5)
SA1 73% to SA2 84%

“As I watch my child gain more clarity and achieve her personal best in the subject to date, I look forward to more growth in her upcoming journey with Lil’ but Mighty.”

Audrey, parent of Michel, Juying Primary School (P4)
SA1 73% to SA2 84%

“My daugher even taught me using ice cream sticks to learn subject verb agreements!… Highly recommend LBM to all who need an English specialist!”

Jeff, parent of Jia Xuan, Compassvale Primary School (P3)
SA1 73% to SA2 84%

What Makes LBM Classes Different From Other Centres’?

How do you know that learning has taken place? When you can teach it. 

Not only do our students demonstrate their understanding of the techniques and question types in the practices, but they also are given opportunities to explain questions to their peers. 

On top of learning with thoughtfully crafted materials and in a nurturing environment, your child will walk out of our classroom, feeling empowered.

Specific strategies

for each section of the paper

In-house Curriculum

updated regularly to align with MOE’s assessment formats

Highly experienced teachers

trained to deliver our unique LSR methodology

Thematic approach

to stimulate discussion on real world issues

Collaborative learning setting

with small class size of 6

Direct line of communication

to online student portal and messaging app for updates on your child's progress

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We know how some of our students have to rush from one location to another for their classes. We also know how some parents often worry for the safety of their children as they travel. An online classroom from home puts these concerns to rest.

The best part? The same materials and techniques used in LBM’s centre-based lessons will be used in our online classroom.

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Secondary English Tuition

Level up with advanced examination strategies. Without compromising on the joy of learning.

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