Movers & Shakers

Teacher Training Programme

Equipped with rich and relevant teaching experience, our nurturing yet dynamic teachers are always coming up with new and engaging strategies in teaching English. All teachers at Lil’ but Mighty are required to complete our Movers and Shakers Teacher Training Programme.

They also gather weekly to discuss and design materials that best tailor to children’s learning needs. Alignment across the curriculum and different classes is ensured through the weekly reflection sessions.

Our Trainer

Group 48 1
Senior Trainer (Training and Development)

As the Senior Trainer in charge of Training and Development, Ms Nora structures and implements the Lil’ but Mighty Training Programme to ensure that all LBM teachers are equipped to carry out their mission in the classroom to the best of their abilities.

Movers and Shakers Teacher Training Programme

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Programme Breakdown
Total Training hours2 Weeks
Number of modules7
Hours per module2
Topics coveredModule 1: Overview
Module 2: Classroom and Parent Management
Module 3: Key Strategies for Paper 2
Module 4: Feedback, Marking and Key Strategies for Paper 1
Module 5: RASE
Module 6: Virtual Classroom
Module 7: PSLE New Grading System for 2021
Classroom Observation1 per level to sit in and observe
Classroom Assessment1 after training period
1 every 6 months thereafter
*each assessment includes a post-lesson debrief
In-house MaterialsNotes, quizzes and training videos
File Check2 files from each class will be selected for checking during classroom observation

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Growing with your Primary 1 to Secondary 3 children

Learning is a never-ending process and this applies to our teachers too. To provide innovative ways of learning and to be kept abreast of the latest pedagogy in teaching, all teachers are required to attend English workshops and share the learning thereafter. We hope that as we hunger to learn, we will inspire our children to do so too.

What is it like being a Specialist English Tutor at Lil' but Mighty?

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