Intensive Course
Starting from:
8th of June

P6 Paper 2 + Oral ONLY (P2O)

Components covered:

Paper 2


Total Sessions:

16 Lessons

Class Duration:

1.5 hours

Class Size:

8 Students

Change in Delivery. Not in Quality.​

We know how some of our students have to rush from one location to another for their classes. We also know how some parents often worry for the safety of their children as they travel. An online classroom from home puts these concerns to rest. 

The best part? The same materials and techniques used in LBM’s centre-based lessons will be used in our online classroom.

125 Marks: Grip Them or Let Them Slip?​


Sharpen your techniques and increase your accuracy in Paper 2 and Oral with LBM’s weekly 1.5-hour long lessons. Our carefully curated curriculum ensures alignment with the latest PSLE syllabus and requirements. With so little time, we want to make sure that you are focusing on what is important. All in the comfort of your own home.

Lil' but Mighty English

Here’s what parents have been sharing about us!

“My child has attended online lessons before and this adds to her positive experience. The fact that there is an interactive platform for the teacher to assess if the children are paying attention and for the children to clarify their doubts immediately makes the lesson effective. This is one reason why my child likes the lesson. We are also glad that the Paper 2 components and oral curriculum are well-covered for the lesson.

Another plus is that the class allows my child to attend tuition in the comfort of her own home without worrying about her safety during this period. As a parent, I like that the time she saves from commuting can be put to better use. In my child’s words: Fun, interactive, informative! These are the descriptions which my daughter had for the live online tuition session!”

Lilian, parent of Kitlyn, student of Holy Innocents’ Primary School (P6 P2O)

“My daughter has attended online tuition sessions with other tuition centres. However, the one with Lil’ But Mighty really stands out from the others.”

“The lesson materials are well-prepared before the lessons and the worksheets are printed and mailed to us in advance. The lesson is systematic and structured. It teaches the students many useful tips and covers a variety of content. The lesson is definitely engaging where students are involved in the learning throughout the duration of the lesson. The class size is small and gives every single student a chance to participate verbally during the lesson. My daughter especially enjoys the use of the interactive platform where she attempts the questions and gets to view her fellow classmates’ answers in real-time.

Online tuition with Lil’ But Mighty is definitely worth signing up for!”

Lorrine, parent of Sherlynne, student of Hong Wen School (P6 P2O)

Worksheets Right at Your Doorstep​!

Since we are already bringing the lesson to your home, we thought that we should bring the worksheets to you too. All worksheets and materials will be printed and delivered by post to your selected address.

We want your child to have as authentic a classroom experience as possible. Just like how they are expected to use pen and paper in school, it is essential for your child to do the same during the online tuition sessions to have a good sense of time management. More importantly, we recognise the importance of having the worksheets at your child’s disposal for him or her to flip through and refer to anytime. We know your printer at home will thank us for this gesture.

Features of P2O Interactive Live Online Tuition:​​​

Online English tuition Singapore

Duration: 1.5 hours per session

Class Size: Maximum of 8 per class

Curriculum covered:
– Paper 2 (including Grammar, Comprehension, etc.)
– Oral (Reading & Stimulus-based Conversation)

Interactive features:
– verbal interaction between the teacher and the students using the microphone
– private chat box to allow any clarification during class
– online platform that engages students through games, quizzes and keying in of answers

Assessment features:
– online platform that allows instant assessment of students’ work in class
– submission of open-ended worksheets through individual student folders that allow marking and feedback to be given

Security features:
Online platform with security features put in place to protect our students (e.g. screening of students before joining the class, disabling of screen sharing feature by participants etc.)

Lil' but Mighty Live Online Tuition

About Lil’ But Mighty​

Founded in 2015, Lil’ but Mighty has been constantly seeking out new ways to improve a child’s learning in English.

We believe that every child is capable of achieving their fullest potential simply through the right strategies, mindset, and by studying with like-minded peers.

And along with our proud achievements of helping students from all across Singapore,

You might have seen us on news networks & magazines such as “Channel News Asia”, “Young Parents”, “Money Smart” & “The New Paper”.

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