Lil' but Mighty

A little gem can give off a great sparkle.
A little mustard seed can grow into a great tree.
A little boy called David can defeat a great giant called Goliath.

At Lil’ but Mighty, we believe in the power of your little ones to achieve great things!
Let us unlock their potential and watch them go from strength to strength. Let us prepare them for English assessment in school and even more importantly, English usage in the real world.

Behold, they are lil’ but mighty!

Building a community of learners who are mindful and curious about the use of English in the world around them.

The BIG Mission

mission 01

a strong foundation in English

mission 02

the love of the language

mission 03

a community of learners

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What is Lil’ but Mighty?

Lil’ but Mighty is a boutique learning centre that specialises in English education for Primary and Secondary school children. Through our own unique strategies and a step-by-step approach in teaching, we hope to prepare children for English assessment in school and for English usage in the real world. Lil’ but Mighty not only provides offline classes, but also online classes on-demand, catering to parents who are interested in being engaged in their children’s learning.

Here’s what our English Teachers have been sharing about Lil' but Mighty!

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