The Write Recipe : A.I.M.

Time to bring your characters and composition alive!

“Hello, I am Tom.”

Based on a name like “Tom”, do you know whether that person is a loyal friend or one who will betray you one day? How much do you know about a person when you first meet him?

If you are only meeting “Tom” in a story without being able to actually see him, he will become an even bigger mystery!

The question is: Why do we need to know more about “Tom”?


Good stories have characters that we can understand and relate to. Characters are central to a story as what they do and go through can trigger our emotions. These characters keep us reading to the end.

This is why writers need to let readers know more about the characters. With only a given name like “Tom” in the story, will you be able to understand “Tom” and be engaged in the story about him? We do not think so.


It is frustrating when you are groping in the dark, unsure of how to create well-developed and engaging characters that will bring your writing to a new level. We want you to have clarity and to ace your shot with A.I.M.

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“A.I.M is a strategy that is easy to apply and one that makes a difference in my writing. I like how it is easy to remember and how the course teaches me when it is important to describe a character clearly in a story. The activities help me to understand how to apply the technique and there are also lots of examples to build my vocabulary to describe characters well!”
Composition Characterisation Writing Online Course Review | Lil' but Mighty
— Tia, Primary 5, St Margaret's Primary School

Is your child facing any of the following when they try to develop the characters in their story?

Problem #1: Unsure of how to develop a character e.g. How should a character be like?
Problem #2: Unsure of what to consider when describing a character
Problem #3: Unsure of what are considered relevant descriptions for a character
Problem #4: Unsure of when to add in descriptions for characters
Problem #5: Unsure of why descriptions you added are cancelled by the marker
Problem #5: Unsure of why descriptions you added are cancelled by the marker
Problem #6: Stuck beyond using a general adjective for a character (Being repetitive in descriptions) e.g. Tom was hardworking.
Problem #7: Not being able to explore new character types in a story e.g. always using a student

Meet Our Teachers

Let award-winning author, Ms Xie, and Lil’ but Mighty founder, Mrs Chew, bring you on a journey to learn A.I.M. and meet new characters! Having seen how some pupils struggle with lacklustre characters in writing their stories, the duo are determined to provide a structured approach that will help children grow in confidence and clarity during writing.

Composition Writing Instructors | Lil' but Mighty

Mrs Chew and Ms Xie say hi!


  1. have characters who appeared abruptly

  2. have characters with abrupt or illogical details without proper build-up e.g. “Now I cannot fulfil my dream of going to Australia!” Tom cried as he watched the prize being presented to Xavier. (There was no mention of Tom’s dream in the story until the end!)

  3. contain irrelevant details and descriptions about the characters (usually being cancelled during marking)

  4. contain characters that lack depth

  5. are confined to the same plot as they always involve the same character


Tired of missing the mark? “The Write Recipe: A.I.M.” is going to change that. We are going to hit the bullseye with an easy-to-remember and effective structure to develop your characters.

Enrol now and enjoy the satisfaction of applying a simple strategy that will allow you to create more compelling characters in your next piece of writing!

This course will be entirely focused on developing characters in writing a story.

Our “Love It Or Your Money” Back Guarantee!

We’re so confident your child will benefit from the programme that we’re going to promise the following!
If your child goes through all the videos and did all the exercises, and he/she does not learn at least 1 strategy that will help him/her for the final exams, we’ll refund you your money (with $10 to cover the fees for admin).

Here’s what parents have been sharing about us!

LBM Student Testimonial

“Their structured approach to the various components of PSLE English have benefited her, as well as their many practical tips.”

Germaine, parent of Isabelle, Henry Park Primary School (P6)
SA1 73% to SA2 84%
Student Testimonial

“My son enjoys his lessons very much and his English grade has improved tremendously, from 75 in SA1 to 83 in SA2!”

Emily, parent of Wei Hong, Rulang Primary School (P5)
SA1 73% to SA2 84%

“As I watch my child gain more clarity and achieve her personal best in the subject to date, I look forward to more growth in her upcoming journey with Lil’ but Mighty.”

Audrey, parent of Michel, Juying Primary School (P4)
SA1 73% to SA2 84%

“My daugher even taught me using ice cream sticks to learn subject verb agreements!… Highly recommend LBM to all who need an English specialist!”

Jeff, parent of Jia Xuan, Compassvale Primary School (P3)
SA1 73% to SA2 84%

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course – you decide when you start and when you finish.

How does lifetime access sound? As long as Lil’ but Mighty exists, this course will be available to watch. After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own.

We would never want you to be unhappy! If you finish the course, implement the techniques and feel you haven’t learn anything that has helped to improve your writing, you can email me within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.

Yes, our Write Recipe is tailored for use with the latest PSLE English Composition Format. Yummy!

Since this course focuses on planning for questions in the new PSLE English format, it will be suitable for children from Primary 4 onwards. However, if your child is still struggling with the basic plot of the story, this might not be the most suitable course for now.

Definitely! Our team of teachers will be ready (with a smile!) to provide you help on questions that you have regarding the course content and its materials.

For viewing the videos: – Good internet connection – Web Browsers – Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari (Mac), Opera and Internet Explorer (11 and beyond)

If you need help with something related to the course, please contact us at Thank you!

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