Creative Writing For Primary School

My eyes opened. The thoughts which I fell asleep with were the same ones lingering in my mind. I knew what I had to do.

I knew I had to Write and Shine.

Primary 5 & 6 Creative Writing

Components covered:

Paper 1

– Composition Writing (with 20 Composition Topics covered)

– Situational Writing

Class Duration

1.5 hours

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Wake up and smell the coffee!

With less than a year to go, are you aware of what you need to work on to bring your writing to the next level for PSLE? How are you going to secure the most number of marks for Paper 1?

The answer is simple: A structured programme that targets composition and Situational Writing.

Primary Creative Writing: Plan, Apply & Adapt

It is not just about writing a good composition. It is about satisfying the requirements in the most efficient manner. This is the truth most people don’t realise about creative writing for primary school students. Learn how to plan, apply key strategies and skills, and make story adaptations that will save you time and give you returns.

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20 Composition Topics At Your Fingertips!

We are not only going deep with regular practice and skills but we are also going wide by covering *20 composition topics. With a new composition being written every fortnight, pupils will be consistently reinforcing the process of planning, applying and adapting. The result? Confident writers equipped with a bank of rich descriptions and story plots, all ready to write to their heart’s content by PSLE.

*The composition topics will not be a direct overlap with those covered in the P6 Achieve Programme.

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Situational Writing is not a given. You need to earn that 15/15.

Just like how breakfast is complete with a good cup of coffee or juice, Paper 1 is complete only with Situational Writing too. We know the importance of these 15 marks and we want you to seize them.

How Do You Succeed in Writing?​

While some seem to have a natural flair for and style in writing, many writers learn from the works of others and hone their skills through practice. However, it is equally important to consider what we are writing for and who our audience are. A great songwriter might not be able to produce a good novel simply because the requirements of the two types of writing are vastly different. 

How does this relate to creative writing at primary school? Creative writing in primary school has its own set of requirements which need to be adhered to too. Being able to develop the creative writing piece with the given theme while displaying mastery in various writing techniques allows a young writers to be set apart from others. All these are to be done in a timed condition where having certainty and clarity in how you want to execute the writing will give you a sure advantage.

The good news is that success in creative writing in primary school can be attained. Whether you are already a confident writer looking to develop your repertoire of writing skills or someone aspiring to pick up the tools of creative writing to achieve your best, we believe in your ability to grow and make a difference.

How Your Child Will Benefit

  1. Have a clear structure for composition and Situational Writing

  2. Equipped with a rich bank of descriptive phrases for composition writing

  3. Equipped with a variety of writing skills (e.g. question breakdown, quick planning, adaptation of master plots etc.) and awareness to apply them

  4. Individual feedback that highlights areas of strengths and actionable steps for areas to work on

  5. Develop confidence and a love for English and its intricacies

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“My girl has been attending Lil’ but Mighty since P3. I am amazed at how language could be taught in such a systematic and structured manner. My girl really enjoyed her lessons with Lil’ but Mighty. Recently, I signed her up for the Write and Shine writing classes too. I am once again impressed with the writing classes.“
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Leng Lim, parent of Chloe, student of Singapore Chinese Girls’ School
P6 Write and Shine Creative Writing

What Makes LBM Creative Writing Classes Different From Other Centres’?

How do you know that learning has taken place? When you can teach it.

Not only do our students demonstrate their understanding of the techniques and question types in the practices, but they also are given opportunities to explain questions to their peers.

On top of learning with thoughtfully crafted materials and in a nurturing environment, your child will walk out of our classroom, feeling empowered.

Specific strategies

for each section of the paper

LilbutMightyEnglishStrategies 1
Regularly updated in-house curriculum

to align with MOE’s assessment formats

Collaborative learning setting

with small class size of 6

Direct line of communication

with teachers via our messaging app

Revise the techniques for writing to polish up your writing before the exams!

Choose from our locations and different timings available!

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