The Mighty Fit For Exams
PSLE English Bundled Online Courses!

This PSLE English bundled online Courses is an all-in-one package that includes: Online videos, worksheets, quizzes (and even games) that are uniquely crafted to help your child improve within a short period of time… All from the comfort of your home!

Instead of attending tuition after tuition, your child simply needs to watch a few bite-sized videos and do the specific practices… and he/she will see almost guaranteed improvement in the specific section of the paper!

Here’s What Your Child Will Receive When He/She Joins Our PSLE English Online Online Bundled Courses

Just complete this simple PSLE English bundled online courses based on our suggested road map, and your child will be able to see almost immediate results! And we don’t mean small results.
We’re talking an additional 10-20 marks for the exams just by completing the courses!


Self-paced Courses

P5 - P6

Targeted Levels

$979 $499

Promo Price
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Detailed road map to show your child exactly what to do to make progress and achieve his/her personal best! (Worth $100)

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10 "Results-Based" courses to ace every section of The English paper! (Worth $622+)

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Worksheets delivered to your home! (Worth $20)

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30-day exclusive support from our team of teachers (Worth $100)

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1 free session to our online/physical Immersion Classes (Worth $80-$90/class)

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Marking & Review For 1 Composition (Worth $50)

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“With this PSLE English Bundled Online Courses, Your Child Can Score An Extra 10-20 Marks For The Upcoming English Exam… All In The Comfort Of Your Own Home!”

Without Sound Techniques Taught, Sending Your Child For More Tuition Is NOT Going To Help Him/Her Score Better!

Reason #1: It’s Not Effective.

When regular tutors goes through a practice paper with your child, they usually show the answers to your child and ask them to copy them down.

Extra time and effort may not be taken to explain the reasons for the answers provided, or address the mistakes that your child might have made in that section of the paper.

Instead, more papers may be handed to your child for more blind practice. But this just leaves your child even more confused and unsure of what to do than ever before!

Even after going through the answers, your child still won’t be able to identify his/her problems in the different sections of the English exams as no clarification is given!

Reason #2: It Wastes Precious Time.

This applies for both school, and tuition.

For many tuition classes, the class size is usually between 10 and 12 students. Now, the teacher’s job is to help as many students as possible.
This means that as the teacher is going through the lesson or a paper, he/she goes through what might be something that your child already knows and understands.

And to make matters worse, with other students in the class, your child might end up getting less attention.

The situation only becomes worse in school when there are 30-40 students in one class.

Part #1: Mighty Fit Exam PSLE English Online Programme Roadmap (Worth $100)

What Your Child Will Receive

In this road map, there will be a detailed plan for your child on the best way to go through the series of educational videos found in Part 2 (More about this below).

That means your child won’t need to study blindly! All your child needs to do is follow this easy-to-apply daily plan, and in 30 days, he/she will be able to score an extra 10-20 marks for the upcoming English exam!

What Parents Will Receive

We’ll reveal how you can help your child get the most out of this online package and how you can support them effectively.

This includes practical tips on what you can do before, during and after the session daily so that you can be frequently updated on your child’s learning process!


Part #2: PSLE English Online Programme
10 Self-Paced Courses (Worth $622++)

In Part 2, your child will go through our 10 different courses that will almost definitely help your child see a surge in his/her final English exam marks! Just look at the 30-day road map to find out which course & videos to watch for the day,

So parents, when you combine our “Results-Based” course along with our road map that carefully plans what your child needs to do, You’ll have a foolproof plan to help your child score better for the upcoming English exam!

Take a look below to find out what the different courses can do for your child!

course 01
Easy Listening Comprehension (Worth $15)

With 5 examination-style practices covering essential question types along with detailed educational videos,

This is one course that tackles everything your child needs to know to ace the English Listening Comprehension exam!

course 02
Edit With Edit-Tea
(Worth $45)

In this course, your child will learn specially crafted techniques to identify the question types as well as a strategy to spot spelling and grammatical questions.

The result? Your child will achieve near perfect (or even perfect) marks for this section!

course 03
Situational Writing
Un-PAC The Situation
(Worth $45)

15 marks. That’s the total marks for this Situational Writing section. Well, with Model Practices + 8 Targeted Practices covering various purposes and contexts,

We’ll cut the fluff and show your child the fastest way to achieving those 15 marks!

course 04
Lil’ Chatterbox
(Worth $35)

Cat got your tongue? Not to worry!

With our “RASE” strategy found in this course, your child will be striking up news-worthy conversations with the examiner in no time!

course 05
Synthesis Skill-wers
(Worth $90)

With more than 25 essential question types highlighted and explained, this is the course for those who would like to ace the synthesis section.

course 06
Grammar Grandma Bite
(Worth $80)

A hot favourite with good reason: the easy-to-apply techniques help children to see instant results upon application and build their confidence.

course 07
The Write Recipe
(Worth $70)

Video lessons, worksheets, quizzes & even games. Everything in this course will guide your child on how to brainstorm and come up with jaw-dropping stories!

Readers won’t be able to take their eyes off the stories!

course 08
(Worth $75)

Well-written characters make a world of a difference to a story. Whether you are P3 – P6, you will find this course an exciting way to learn the A.I.M. technique and begin crafting rounded characters for your story.

banner webhead onlinecourse cloze
Cloze Passage
(Worth $97)

Stop groping in the dark and being stuck. “Open the Cloze Door” and step out to achieve your best for this component now!

banner onlinecourse compre 2
Comprehension Open-Ended
Compre Treasure Chest
(Worth $70)

Checking for understanding, recognising question requirements, tackling question types in a structured manner, understanding common errors, avoiding careless mistakes – Compre Cook has got them covered.

Have the essential strategies at your fingertips because you will need them in order to score.

Part #3: Worksheets Delivered Directly To Your Place! (Worth $20)

We’ll also be delivering specially crafted worksheets to your doorstep!

All the worksheets are specially crafted based on common past year exam questions, To help your child practise on all the unique strategies that he/she learnt in the courses.

After your child completes these worksheets using our strategies, there will be no doubt that he/she will be able to be able to answer almost every type of question in the English paper.

*NOTE: Worksheets are printed in black and white.


Part #4: 30-day Exclusive Support (Worth $100)

At Lil’ but Mighty, both you and your child will never learn alone!

For students enrolled in the Mighty Fit for Exams programme, you will have access to the exclusive 30-Day support channel.

This platform is only for the limited number of students enrolled in this programme so that both you and your child can clarify any doubts or questions related to what is covered in the course in a timely manner.

And we’ll answer the question in as much detail as possible!


Part #5: Attend Our Online/Physical Immersion Classes For FREE! (Worth $80-$90/class)

But there’s more!

When you register for the programme today, your child will also get to attend one of our online OR offline classes for FREE!

Come and have the LBM experience and watch how the strategies are explained and put into action in our classroom! We’ll also help your child clarify & rectify and mistakes he/she might still have!

Yup, this class is where all the strategies, techniques and skills that your child learnt during the past 30 days… will come full circle and allow for a concrete learning process!

So what are you waiting for parents?


Part #6: Complete Marking & Review For 1 Composition (Worth $50)

Now parents, we know that many primary school students often face challenges in the composition section of the paper.This is why for a very limited time, when you sign up for the Mighty Fit For Exams Online Programme, your child will receive a detailed typed out review of their writing.

This includes a full assessment of their strengths and weaknesses in language and content, along with specific suggestions on how to improve in their areas of weaknesses.

When your child receives the review, he/she will know what to do to improve his/her composition writing moving forward!

Here’s what parents have been sharing about us!

LilbutMightyEnglishTestimonial 2

Since attending the lessons, I’ve seen improvements in Thaddeus’ grammar and he has picked up some useful techniques in answering questions.”

“Thaddeus’ writing was not very good at the start. I signed up Thaddeus at Lil’ but Mighty because his sister is already there. I previously received good feedback from my sister so we signed up. Since attending the lessons, I’ve seen improvements in Thaddeus’ grammar and he has picked up some useful techniques in answering questions. What Thaddeus finds interesting and enjoys most are the online games they play in class through Nearpod.”

Yvonne, parent of Thaddeus, student of Frontier Primary School P4 BUILD Programme
testimonials students 12

“Kyran is enjoying the lessons so far. The class size is small so he is able to participate more. He showed me worksheets from his last lesson about air ships, something about locomotive transportation, and he told me more about it. I think that’s what he enjoys.

My sister saw Lil’ but Mighty’s website and so far the reviews were good so I decided to sign Kyran up for a trial class. And from the class, Kyran is the one who said he wanted to continue. 

I spoke to Teacher Nuri and she did mention that Kyran is quite participative in class. We decided to sign up and see if the enrichment classes help him with his English.

One month after enrolling Kyran, I have noticed that he has learned to write compositions and use more interesting words.”

Stephanie, parent of Kyran, student of Holy Innocents’ Primary School P2 IGNITE Programme
generic testimonial yanzhe

“Kai Jin says classes are fun. I am quite particular but because my sister-in-law also recommended Lil’ but Mighty to me, that was also another push point.

I signed up Kai Jin at Lil’ but Mighty through a recommendation. Kai Jin’s classmate wanted to go so we decided to give it a try. So far it has been good; Kai Jin says classes are fun. I am quite particular but because my sister-in-law also recommended Lil’ but Mighty to me, that was also another push point. She was telling me Lil’ but Mighty is pretty good and that she knows a very good teacher who teaches at the Bukit Timah branch. Although we are attending the Hougang branch, this was still one of the factors that made me try Lil’ but Mighty.”

Cindy, parent of Kai Jin, student of Catholic High School, P1 WONDER Programme
generic testimonial yanzhe

“We told him that classes are only once a week but after his first lesson, he said he saw the schedule placed on the glass door at the centre and told us: “Actually there is class tomorrow, can I come over tomorrow?”

“Yan Zhe’s response to the teacher is positive and he’s very keen to attend the tuition class. We told him that classes are only once a week but after his first lesson, he said he saw the schedule placed on the glass door at the centre and told us: “Actually there is class tomorrow, can I come over tomorrow?”

We told him no, this is only once a week.

At the beginning, when we told him that he is going for tuition classes, he refused. This is the first time we are sending him and we are very glad that he is looking forward to attending the next class.”

Mdm Lim, parent of Yan Zhe, P2 IGNITE Programme

“She said her teacher guided her throughout the lesson and played games in between. She even taught us a game at home and we played with her.”

“We saw an advertisement by Lil’ but Mighty and in the video, Mrs Chew shared some points about the LBM approach that piqued our interest. We decided to book a trial class for Lydia to let her experience it. She enjoyed the trial class and immediately said she wanted to continue with the classes. “This is my work,” she said as she showed us how and what she learned in class. She said her teacher guided her throughout the lesson and played games in between. She even taught us a game at home and we played with her. Seeing Lydia enjoy the lesson, we have decided to sign up for the P2 classes at Lil’ but Mighty.”

Lydia, parent of Phoebe, P2 IGNITE Programme
LilbutMightyEnglishStudentTestimonial 1

“Their structured approach to the various components of PSLE English have benefited her, as well as their many practical tips.”

Germaine, parent of Isabelle, Henry Park Primary School (P6)
SA1 73% to SA2 84%

“My son enjoys his lessons very much and his English grade has improved tremendously, from 75 in SA1 to 83 in SA2!”

Emily, parent of Wei Hong, Rulang Primary School (P5)
SA1 73% to SA2 84%
parents 02

“As I watch my child gain more clarity and achieve her personal best in the subject to date, I look forward to more growth in her upcoming journey with Lil’ but Mighty.”

Audrey, parent of Michel, Juying Primary School (P4)
SA1 73% to SA2 84%
parents 01

“My daugher even taught me using ice cream sticks to learn subject verb agreements!… Highly recommend LBM to all who need an English specialist!”

Jeff, parent of Jia Xuan, Compassvale Primary School (P3)
SA1 73% to SA2 84%

Only 30 Slots Available

Parents, do take note that we’re only offering this to the first 30 parents who sign up (first-come, first-served). That’s because our team of teachers will need to spend time answering every question that the child has.

So this is going to be the only chance to receive our full benefits at this ridiculously low investment!

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Here’s what parents have been sharing about us!

compre online course 1
Compre Treasure Chest

The course helps me to understand the different PSLE question types and their answering techniques, including what are the common mistakes to avoid. The examples, practice papers and answer sheets have reinforced my learning and I’m more confident in tackling comprehension questions for PSLE.”

Brian Ng, Primary 6, Gan Eng Seng Primary School
SynthesisSkill wersReview
Synthesis Skill-wers

“The bite-sized videos are fun and enjoyable and taught me many rules and strategies on how to answer synthesis questions. The teachers’ explanations are clear, concise and easy to understand.”

Aidan, Primary 6, Anglo-Chinese School (Primary)
The Write Recipe : Planning and Brainstorming

“Mrs Chew is clear in her explanations and the fun activities and games kept her engaged throughout the lessons. In fact, she was so eager to continue the lessons on her own that she did so once she came home from school.”

Mrs Yeo Parent of Shernice Primary 5, PLMGS
TheWriteRecipe A.I.M
The Write Recipe : A.I.M.

“I like how it is easy to remember and how the course teaches me when it is important to describe a character clearly in a story. The activities help me to understand how to apply the technique and there are also lots of examples to build my vocabulary to describe characters well!”

Tia, Primary 5, St Margaret’s Primary School
Caitlin Testimonial
Grammar Grandma Bites

“Like all parents who would like to support their children in their learning journey and revision, we found that the course has provided us with a helpful framework and enough strategies to reinforce the key points learnt in school and during tuition.”

Mr and Mrs Lim, Parents of Caitlin, Primary 6, Nanyang Primary School
LilbutMightyEnglishOnlineCourse ListeningComprehension 1
Easy Listening

“I think that the tips on how to do well for the listening comprehension were great and useful. Now I am more confident when it comes to listening comprehension. The questions asked were tricky, which made me think more about my answers before writing them down. Overall, I think the Easy Listening online course is good and definitely helpful!”

Yi Ping, parent of Kieran, Primary 6
Edit with Edit-Tea

“Kayla finds the online course structured and systematic in its approach. The course content is also clearly delivered and presented by the instructor.
Most importantly, the tips are easy to follow. We are glad that Kayla has gained insights into the editing component through the course as these tips are not taught in school.”

Soh Chin, parent of Kayla Chong, Primary 6, Anderson Primary School
Un PACtheSituationReview
Un-Pac the Situation

“The content is interesting and the bite-sized lessons make it easy to digest doe any new users. Overall, the Ashton likes how engaging the course is and that it reinforces what learnt in school for situational writing.”

Indra, Parent of Ashton, Primary 6, St Andrew’s Junior School
LilbutMightyEnglish OnlineCourseReview
Open The Cloze Door

“The annotated answers for the worksheets are excellent and help me to understand how to get the correct answer by identifying the clues… I would definitely recommend this to my other friends!”

Klarisse, student at Methodist Girls’ School (P6)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The Mighty Fit For Exams Will be sold at the low investment of just $499! This includes the 10 different online courses, roadmap, + 4 limited time bonuses as part of the programme! With all these at your child’s disposal, it’s almost guaranteed to help your child score an additional 10-20 marks for the exam!

That’s the beauty of our course, it’s all based on your child! A steady pace would be at least 60 minutes a day to see a steady improvement in English. However, if your child wants to see results quickly, he/she can adjust the pace and cover more content each day too!

A common question that’s been asked by many parents. With our road map to help your child get started and organised, your child will find it easy to keep track of what they have learnt. In addition, the online platform will reflect the lessons and the progress clearly!

Here’s the thing. We understand that many children already have CCA, remedial, or supplementary after school. That’s why we decided to launch a programme that your child can engage in even at home. He/She will be able to have a break before the online lessons. (Our parent’s guide will provide some simple tips on this!) This will definitely be more conducive than the child having to drag himself/herself all the way to the tuition centre.

Of course, you can. However, purchasing the courses individually will just result in an overall higher investment. We highly recommend that you get the package as that way, your child can improve in all sections of the English exams. If you still would like to purchase the courses individually, feel free to contact us at 8311 6157.