Our Team of English Tutors and Members

English Tutor Singapore | Lil' but Mighty English
Director of Curriculum, Mrs Lily Chew

With her passion to create relevant and easy-to-understand materials for the lil’ ones, Mrs Lily Chew works alongside her team of English tutors to design the Lil’ but Mighty curriculum. Constantly looking at best educational practices and thinking of ways to improve the curriculum, Mrs Chew finds pure joy in unlocking creative and different ways of helping each child achieve his or her personal best!

Primary and Secondary English Tutor Singapore | Lil' but Mighty English
Senior Trainer (Training and Development), Ms Nora

All of our English Tutors are well-versed with our in-house strategies because we believe in how they make learning English easier for our lil’ ones. As the Senior Trainer in charge of Training and Development, Ms Nora structures and implements the Lil’ but Mighty Movers and Shakers Teacher Training Programme to ensure that all LBM English Tutors are equipped to carry out their mission in the classroom to the best of their abilities. Do say “Hi” to LBM’s walking encyclopedia of teaching strategies and practices when you next see Ms Nora!

Lil' but Mighty English Teacher - Ms Siow
Head of Curriculum (Primary), Ms Siow

Anyone who has partnered with Miss Siow before, be it a student, teacher or colleague, will agree that her spirit of excellence is evident during their interactions. Since joining the Lil’ but Mighty family, Miss Siow has always made sure that she is kept abreast of the latest changes in the PSLE and primary education landscape. Spearheading the primary curriculum, she seeks to guide and grow with the other curriculum writers to bring the most relevant materials that are aligned with the national examinations and effective strategies to our lil’ ones.

Director of Admissions & Marketing, Lenard

The children in our classrooms enjoy being a part of Lil’ but Mighty and so should our other stakeholders. With that belief, our Director of Admissions and Marketing, Lenard, is committed to designing the best experiences for all in our community. Apart from ensuring that Lil’ but Mighty is current and relevant in the field of education, Lenard is the impetus behind strategic projects that make Lil’ but Mighty a name synonymous with quality English education.

Senior Media & Social Community Executive, Randall

Running the digital arm of Lil’ but Mighty, Randall is the creative driving force behind our social media projects and online content. Equipped with his experience and a flair for design, Randall works closely with the curriculum team to ensure that our online offerings not only deliver in content but in aesthetics that enhance the overall learning experience. In his free-time, he reads comics and collects sneakers.

Assistant Operations Manager, Kai

Lil’ but Mighty is a growing organisation as each team member play a vital role in keeping our services in tiptop shape. It is Kai’s passion to maintain seamless workplace systems for everyone to accomplish tasks effectively and efficiently. She is committed to preserving total synergy between parent-teacher communication, administrative work, operational management and overall customer experience. She loves to write in her spare time and her lifelong dream is to become the next C.S. Lewis.

Customer Service Executive, Yasmin

An avid fan of Lil’ but Mighty and a member of its online community for many years, Yasmin is ecstatic to have joined our Lil’ but Mighty family. With vast experience in customer service and a growing enthusiasm for the Lil’ but Mighty programme, there is no better person than Yasmin to answer your questions and guide you to the right programme for your child. From your first call to your child’s first day in class, Yasmin is here to ensure you have what you need. A mother of two herself, Yasmin understands the demands of parenting school-going children and it is her heartfelt desire to help fellow parents with the administrative assistance necessary in a child’s learning journey. Yasmin’s love for Korean drama extends to her daily dose of Korean coffee and Korean biscuits.

Customer Service Associate | Lil' but Mighty
Customer Service Associate, Ain

Ain has been travelling since the age of 13 and has enjoyed interacting with various peoples and cultures. One can say that her innate passion for customer service has stemmed from these global interactions. With unprecedented work-from-home arrangements in the past year, Ain has recently picked up a love for walking at night and enjoying the city lights.

Bringing to the table her own expertise from 8 years’ experience in customer service (alongside picking up the Lil’ but Mighty flavour), you can rely on Ain to answer all of your queries. We are delighted to welcome Ain into the Lil’ but Mighty family!

Movers & Shakers

Equipped with rich and relevant teaching experience, our nurturing yet dynamic teachers are always coming up with new and engaging strategies in teaching English. All English tutors at Lil’ but Mighty are required to complete our Movers and Shakers Teacher Training Programme.

Our Experienced and Nurturing English Tutors

It takes a village to raise and grow a child. At Lil’ but Mighty, every child is capable of growth and the best part is that as English Tutors, we have the opportunity to do so with the children. Our English tutors at Lil’ but Mighty believe that every child is unique and building positive relationships with the children and parents opens up opportunities for learning.

They also gather weekly to discuss and design materials that best tailor to children’s learning needs. Alignment across the curriculum and different classes is ensured through the weekly reflection sessions.

  • Ms Angela
  • Ms Celina
  • Ms Cynthia
  • Mrs Elaine
  • Ms Genevieve
  • Ms Geraldine
  • Ms Hui Jun
  • Ms Isabelle
  • Ms Jenny
  • Ms Joei
  • Mr Joshua
  • Ms Kavitha
  • Ms Kay
  • Ms Krittika
  • Mr Lim
  • Ms Nellie
  • Mr Ng
  • Ms Nuri
  • Ms Sze Li
  • Ms Velvet

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