P5/P6 Polish Up Writing Workshop Details

Camp fees: $300 (excluding GST)

Duration: 2 days X 3 hours 15mins a day (inclusive of a 15min break)

Level: Primary 5 and Primary 6

Workshop class size: 6 students

Workshop mode: Centre-Based

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Structure – Balanced

Balance is key when it comes to crafting a piece of writing that addresses the question requirements and is efficiently crafted within the time constraints of an examination. Do you know what is the focus on your story and are you spending time at the right places to score?

Content – Developed 

“Develop the problem more. The solution is too rushed.”

Easier said than that.  Let’s look at writing techniques that count and can be applied to your writing to up that content score.

Language – Rich

A well-balanced story with development of the content stops short without vivid descriptions to engage the readers. Bring in the LBM Write-away handbook and model examples sprinkled with rich vocabulary to finish polishing up your writing. 

What will be covered in the workshop!

- PSLE Format and how to tackle the topic and question requirements
- Overall revision on plot structure and flow of a story
- Essential skills and elaboration strategies to develop content relevantly

Short practices after revising each part of the story plot to target specific writing techniques taught
- Exam-smart strategy: Adaptation of master plots for effective and efficient writing
- Common pitfalls and errors to avoid
- Write-away handbook and model examples packed with rich vocabulary to give students the language boost
"My son went for the 2 days POLISH UP Workshop and he said that he thoroughly enjoyed the lesson as many things taught were beyond the usual school classroom. Thank you Teacher Sze Li for your time!"
Elynn, parent of Bryan, Primary 6, Polish Up Creative Writing Workshop

This course will be helpful if your child:

  1. likes a systematic approach towards writing

  2. is keen to revise essential writing techniques to apply during an examination

  3. Is seeking to develop his/her content efficiently and effectively

  4. Is looking for actionable feedback to polish up their writing before the PSLE

  5. wants to avoid common pitfalls during writing to avoid losing marks

  6. wants to better understand how to adapt from previous stories successfully for a new topic

Compo Cop Polish Up 1

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“Gilbert attended the 2 days compo writing workshop conducted by Ms Sze Li. The techniques taught can be easily applied and the teacher was able to accurately pinpoint his areas of weakness and suggested ways to improve. Highly recommended!”
LilbutMightyEnglish WorkshopReview
Shu Wei, parent of Gilbert, Primary 6, Polish Up Creative Writing Workshop
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Is your child facing any of the following while attempting continuous writing?

  1. Unsure of how to address the given topic clearly

  2. Not having a clear structure for writing

  3. Struggling to have a balanced plot

  4. Developing the story insufficiently 

  5. Struggling to develop a story with relevant details

  6. Unaware of specific writing techniques e.g. show-not-tell to develop the content and characters

  7. Having logic gaps in his/her story

  8. Rushing to finish the later part of his/her story or unable to complete his/her writing in time

  9. Struggling to write a new story for the examination 


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Here’s what parents have been sharing about us!