Effective English Curriculum

What do Nobel Prize winners like Albert Einstein and Richard Feynman have in common apart from being some of the world’s greatest physicists?

They are both teachers and educators who knew that one of the keys to effective learning is to try teaching others about what has been learnt.

At Lil’ but Mighty, we recognise the important role which the act of teaching has in the process of learning. We are the only centre in Singapore that empowers students to teach what he/she has learnt using our “Learn, Share, Replay” Methodology!

Our effective English curriculum guarantees relevance in PSLE and school assessment. We’ll help you fulfil your potential!


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Effective English Curriculum
1. Learn

Effective EL strategies with specially curated materials

2. Share

Peer teaching to build 21st century skills

3. Replay

Reflect on peer teaching and reinforce learning

Effective English Curriculum


A question mark reflects inquisitiveness. 

As students come with questions and doubts to the classrooms, we help by teaching them HOW to solve the questions and not just tell them what the answers are.

Key features of “Learn”
  • Easy-to-apply and specific strategies
  • Aimed to tackle different components of the paper
  • Original materials designed in-house by our curriculum specialists
  • Aligned with the latest MOE curriculum & updated weekly!
Effective English Curriculum


An exclamation mark conveys a sense of excitement.

We want our children to be excited and confident to share with their peers what they have learnt. Harnessing the power of peer teaching, we know that being able to teach speaks volume of how much a child has learnt.

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Key features of “Share”
  • Key features of “Share”
    Builds 21st Century competencies – Oral presentation, respect, confidence and more
  • Uses teaching/explaining to others as a tool to learning
  • Structured Peer Teaching process (Preparation, teaching, reflection)
  • Allows student to deepen understanding of a technique during preparation
Effective English Curriculum


An ellipsis indicates a pause or a trailing off in speech or thought.

Learning does not come to a standstill. We want your child to have the opportunity to pause to reflect and reinforce their learning.

If he/she has not grasped the concept fully, we want to fill in the gap before moving on. At their own pace outside the classroom – through videos and support from us.

Key features of “Share”
  • Key features of “Replay”
    “Replay” of peer teaching video provides the opportunity for parents to follow their child’s progress
  • Feedback given by teachers aids students in identifying their blind spots and gaps in learning
  • Allows students to reflect for better understanding and to seek help in closing gaps
  • Consistent support given by teacher outside the classroom to clarify students’ doubts

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