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    Primary English Tuition

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    “With a thematic approach to engage our students, our English tuition programmes make learning PSLE English strategies fun and relevant to the world around us.”

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    Secondary English Tuition

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    Nurturing our secondary students to make a difference, teaching them the skills they need to succeed in the O-level English assessment and helping them become effective communicators so they can make a positive impact wherever they go.

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    Self-Paced E-Learning

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What are the Challenges Students face in PSLE & O Level English?​

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It is no easy feat to build a firm foundation and to achieve your desired score. What are the challenges faced by our students taking the national English examinations?

PSLE English

1. Unaware of the requirements of the various PSLE English components

  • In fact, we know of pupils who are not sure about the components involved in the PSLE English paper.
  • To prepare for a battle, we need to know who or what we are up against.
  • Did you know that 1 mark in every component carries equal weightage which means that scoring 1 more mark in Grammar is the same as scoring 1 more mark in your composition?
  • Not knowing the requirements can lead to you not carrying out the right preparation!

2. Having a weak foundation in Grammar which affects various Paper 2 components

  • Surprise! Grammar is not just tested in Grammar MCQ but it extends to so many other components in Paper 2 like editing, synthesis, comprehension etc.
  • Don’t forget that accuracy in grammar will also affect the language score in your composition!
  • Building that strong foundation is going to go a long way in your PSLE English journey.

3. Not having the strategies to efficiently tackle the component

  • A key reason why some pupils do not improve in English despite doing lots of practice questions is because they are not aware of concrete strategies to apply for each component.
  • Yes, there are strategies to be applied in every component including Oral Stimulus-based Conversation, Paper 2 Editing, Synthesis, Comprehension and Composition Writing, just to name a few.
  • If you are going by instinct to answer the questions or struggling with identifying the correct clues for specific questions e.g. in Paper 2 Grammar MCQ or Cloze Passage, it is time to stop missing out.
  • Pick up the strategies to break down question types and check your answers now!

4. Unsure of the components to focus on to start making progress!

  • Do you have a strategic plan that will help you see progress and enable you to work towards a realistic goal in mind?
  • With so many components involved, which one should you focus on to start seeing a change in your results?
  • If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.
  • We want to help you right where you are at and move forward with you.
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Rome Was Not Built in a Day.​

However, it is time to start. Recognising why you are seeking English tuition in Singapore helps you to ensure that you find the right partner on this journey to help your child. Every English tuition centre has their own pedagogy and indeed, one size does not fit all.

At Lil’ but Mighty, we start by placing the child’s interest at the heart of it all. Not only do we want to provide a curriculum which will ensure our students are clear about the requirements for PSLE English/O Level English, we also want them to be empowered with the strategies and techniques to tackle every paper in a structured manner. Planned with clear learning objectives and attention paid to engage the children, our curriculum is set to give our best through our Primary English Tuition Programmes. Are you ready for your child to experience English that makes him or her happy? We are.

We know how important accessibility is. English tuition at Bukit Timah with easy public transportation options? English Tuition at Tampines near amenities? An English tuition centre at Marine Parade for both Primary and Secondary programmes? Whichever part of the island you may be at, Lil’ but Mighty is here to serve you English that makes you happy!

We may not be the best English tuition centre for all but we will definitely do our best for those who walk through our doors!

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Results, Not Promises

Promises will translate to results if your lil’ one is willing to work hard and apply our step-by-step approach to master the various components in PSLE and O level English. Here are some of the success stories of our students who have worked hard to achieve their results. They were all once where your lil one is at now.

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