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  • Primary English Tuition
    Primary English Tuition
    With a thematic approach to engage our students, we make learning strategies fun and relevant to the world around us.
  • Secondary English Tuition
    Secondary English Tuition
    Level up with advanced examination strategies. Without compromising on the joy of learning.
  • Self-Paced E-Learning
    Self-Paced E-Learning
    Looking to learn our exam techniques at your own pace and rhythm? Get ready to pick and choose exactly what you need!

Results, Not Promises

Promises will translate to results if your lil’ one is willing to work hard and apply our step-by-step approach to master the various components in English. Here are some of the success stories of our students who have worked hard to achieve their results. They were all once where your lil one is at now.

Homepage Testimonial

“Similar to physical classes, the instructions in the live online tuition class are clear and there are detailed explanations provided. The curriculum in the lesson is well-covered as those are the topics that will be tested in the examination. I definitely like how engaging, enriching and informative the live online tuition is!”

Doris, parent of Aidanz, Qifa Primary School
Live Online Tuition

“Like all parents who would like to support their children in their learning journey and revision, Lil’ but Mighty has provided us with framework and strategies to reinforce the key points learnt in school.”

Hong Meng, parent of Caitlin, Nanyang Primary School
Self-Paced E-Learning

“At the end of P5, he was passing English with marks hovering at the 60-plus mark. Today, English is Daniel’s best subject and he scored an A for his PSLE. Truly nothing short of a miracle.”

Serene, parent of Daniel, Rosyth School
Centre-Based Tuition

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