School Clients and Programmes in Singapore

On top of our regular in-house programmes, Lil’ but Mighty also has specially adapted programmes for schools! So look out for us; we might be coming to your school soon!

For a customised proposal, please call 9646 0930.

P3/4 The Write Recipe: Feast on Writing Workshop
  • Understanding the different parts of a story
  • Discovering how to craft meaty introduction, characters and problem in a story
  • Zooming in on descriptive characters, problem, solution and conclusion in a story
  • Focusing on techniques which are transferrable to composition writing; e.g. five-senses description, use of various perspective in writing, figurative language etc.
P3/4/5 The Write Recipe: Maga-Zing! Workshop
  • Understanding the features of a school newsletter and magazine
  • Focusing on the text types of reviews, poetry and procedural texts
  • Learning of the organisational, content and language features of each text type
  • Differentiated activities and writing assignments for P3, P4 and P5
P5 News Article Workshop (News Writing)
  • Being aware of the different types of news articles
  • ⁠Recognising the structure of a news article
  • Recognising the language and content features in writing a news article
  • Building of interview skills to apply in authentic context
  • Receiving feedback for written work produced during the workshop
P5 Poetry Party Workshop
  • Identifying explicit language features employed in poems
  • Exploring different types of poetry e.g. Limerick, Cinquain etc.
  • Applying effective techniques to develop and express one’s idea confidently
  • Receiving feedback for written work produced during the workshop

See us in action!

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Greenridge Primary School
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Qihua Primary School
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Tao Nan School
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Fairfield Methodist School (Primary)
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Anglo Chinese School (Junior)

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