Paper 2 Fast Four-ward Workshop (P5/P6)

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Camp fees: $300 (excluding GST)

Duration: 2 days X 3 hours 15mins a day (inclusive of a 15min break)

Level: Primary 5 / Primary 6

Workshop class size: 6 students

Workshop mode: Centre-Based

The exams are coming… four better or four worse?

We cannot change the fact that we will need to sit for the English examination but we can decide on the outcome. What are the four areas in Paper 2 where you can do better in and achieve your best each time?

4 Components, 3 hours daily over 2 Days!

Apart from revision on grammar and synthesis fundamentals for your upper primary examination (And the eventual PSLE), for the first time, we are sharing our top tips for editing and cloze passage! During the 2-day workshop, we are going to pack in the strategies and question types you need to know for these 4 components.

Connecting the dots to learn better!

Learning is more effective when made meaningful. Fast forward your learning as we focus on these 4 components which are complementary with each other.  Let us show you how you can transfer what you know from one component to another effectively because they have more in common with each other than you realise.

Paper 2 Fast Four-ward Workshop Instructors!

Get ready for your workshop instructors to get your adrenaline pumping at the Paper 2 Fast Four-ward Workshop! Learn the best strategies to understand the various question types and requirements of each component, as well as steps to answering accurately. At Lil’ but Mighty, the teachers find great fulfilment in helping lil ones grow in confidence to tackle commonly tested and challenging questions in the PSLE. 

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Here’s what parents have been sharing about us!

Course Features:

1. Focus on essential strategies and popular question types commonly tested in PSLE

Question Tag
Tricky tenses
If-conditionals etc.

Reported Speech
Active Passive Voice
Transformation (e.g. change in word forms) etc.

Grammar e.g. agreement, grammar pairing etc.
Spelling e.g. commonly misspelt words

Cloze Passage:
Questions based on contextual clues, common collocations and connectors etc.

2. Guided practice for grammar, synthesis, editing and cloze passage
3. Annotated practice to set expectations and model application of strategies
4. Handy notes to consolidate learning
5. Overall Quiz with Annotated Answer Keys
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