Mock Exam Workshop

Camp fees: $120

Duration: 2 days (2 hours on the first day and 1.5 hours on the second day)

Level: Primary 5 / Primary 6

Workshop mode: Centre-Based

A mock paper? Why do I want to stress myself like that!

Hold on! A mock paper is not meant to stress you out. Instead, a mock paper should allow you to know how you are doing before the actual examination. With your strengths and areas of concerns identified, you can work on using the time effectively and efficiently!

Hmm… but I have plenty of past-year papers at home!

You may be able to complete the practice with a timer beside you. However, blind practice without knowing the types of questions that you must know may not be the most helpful in your learning.

Did we also mention how having a teacher to evaluate and go through your answers will ensure higher accuracy in marking compared to an answer key?

Mock Exam Workshop Features:

1. Paper 2 (Booklet A and B) within stipulated time of 1 h 50 min

2. Focus on essential question types commonly tested 

3. Marking and evaluation of answers

4. Going through of answers with explanation

5. Sharing of Lil’ but Mighty’s in-house exam strategies for various components

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Workshop Schedule

Location / LevelDatesTimeslot (for both days)
Bukit Timah14th (Thu) & 21st (Thu) Apr PM Session (3:00PM - 5:00PM)
Bukit Timah20th (Wed) & 27th (Wed) Apr PM Session (3:00PM - 5:00PM)
Marine Parade22nd (Fri) & 29th (Fri) AprPM Session (3:00PM - 5:00PM)
Novena16th (Sat) & 23rd (Sat) AprAM Session (9:00AM - 11:00AM)
Novena20th (Wed) & 27th (Wed) AprPM Session (5:30PM - 7:30PM)

Is your child facing any of the following while attempting Paper 2?

  • Unaware of popular question types and the relevant techniques e.g. how to label a table-form comprehension question

  • Unaware of the requirements of the different components e.g. a structured approach to editing, synthesis etc.

  • Unable to explain the mistakes that he/she has made

  • Unsure of how to improve his/her current answers and way of attempting the paper

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This Mock Exam Workshop will be helpful
if your child:

  1. wants to identify essential question types for various components

  2. wants to identify his/her strengths and areas to focus on for effective revision

  3. wants to refine his/her techniques for attempting the various components e.g. editing, synthesis, comprehension etc.

  4. needs feedback on the kind of marks that he/she is losing

  5. needs help with specific techniques to help stop losing marks for careless errors

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