testimonials students 12

Stephanie, parent of Kyran, student of Holy Innocents’ Primary School P2 IGNITE Programme

“Kyran is enjoying the lessons so far. The class size is small so he is able to participate more. He showed me worksheets from his last lesson about air ships, something about locomotive transportation, and he told me more about it. I think that’s what he enjoys.

My sister saw Lil’ but Mighty’s website and so far the reviews were good so I decided to sign Kyran up for a trial class. And from the class, Kyran is the one who said he wanted to continue. 

I spoke to Teacher Nuri and she did mention that Kyran is quite participative in class. We decided to sign up and see if the enrichment classes help him with his English.

One month after enrolling Kyran, I have noticed that he has learned to write compositions and use more interesting words.”