Ms Genevieve

Full-Time Specialist English Teacher

Ms. Genevieve holds a degree in Sociology and History from the National University of Singapore. With a love of storytelling and cinema, she pursued a Diploma in Film, Sound, and Video at the illustrious film faculty at Ngee Ann Polytechnic where she topped her cohort and received a book prize for Story Telling.

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Ms Genevieve's Profile

As much as Ms. Genevieve enjoyed being behind the camera and writing stories for the screen, she was equally passionate about working with kids. At the age of 17, she started teaching part-time in public schools and working with charitable organisations. During her time at NUS, she was building schools and playgrounds in Cambodia with her peers at the Rotary Society. It was her early stints in the creative industry and teaching that led her to recognise how language inspires confidence and nurtures empathy. Passionate about helping students cultivate tenacity and curiosity, Ms. Genevieve worked with a progressive art learning studio to implement a Social Emotional Programme that helps kids foster independent thinking and a healthy identity through language and artistic expression. That rewarding experience propelled her to pursue teaching as a calling.

Since then, Ms. Genevieve has been teaching at tuition centres for six years, specialising in creative writing. She continues to mine fascinating insights from advertising, pop culture, and music to liven up her classrooms. A firm believer that small steps can lead to remarkable results, she is excited to ignite a love for learning with her novel teaching approaches at Lil’ but Mighty. As she recognises that all students are individuals who learn in their own unique way, Ms. Genevieve employs varied teaching techniques to help her students of all levels maximise their learning. Embodying the philosophy of lifelong learning, she continually innovates and integrates new teaching ideas to help her students develop an insatiable curiosity whilst achieving academic success.

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