Ms Elaine Loh

Full-Time Specialist English Teacher

In Ms Elaine’s 24 years in the profession, she has had the opportunity to work with children of various backgrounds, cultures, strengths and abilities. Her teaching career began in 1997 as a teacher at Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School. After 8 years at the school, she moved on to teach in the private education industry.

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Specialist English Teacher at Lil' but Mighty

Ms Elaine is a passionate individual who loves working with children and nurturing the love for the English Language in them. She believes that language learning is not just about getting a good grade in school, it is empowering every child with the ability to express himself creatively and confidently. To her, the ability to use language to do just that is what makes us human. As a teacher, she always encourage every child she teaches, to get out of his comfort zone in order to experiment with new writing techniques and to never be afraid of making mistakes because making mistakes often shows us how to do things even better!

Every child is unique and acquires language differently. Her goal as a teacher is to explore and find out what works for each child so that every child can maximise his potential and be the best that he can possibly be.

Ms Elaine has undergone our in-house Movers and Shakers Teacher Training Programme.

Tips and Strategies shared by Ms Elaine

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