Ms Dian

Specialist English Teacher

Ms Dian is an English Teacher at Lil’ but Mighty. She is currently enrolled in the postgraduate programme with the National Institute of Education to deepen her pedagogical skills. An advocate of inclusivity and diversity, she ensures that every child has an equal opportunity and is celebrated for their individuality as well as their differences.

Ms Dian's Profile

Group 43

Her experience teaching in school has shaped her teaching beliefs that students learn best when they are presented with authentic contexts that allows them to make connections between what they are learning and what they experience beyond the classroom. By empowering students to solve real world problems, they would thus be able to blossom into well-rounded contributers of society.

Ms. Dian’s passion for teaching young children began at the age of seventeen on her trip to Cambodia and Vietnam, where she volunteered in an orphanage to teach children the English language. She then spent her twenties working in Dubai, where she had the opportunity to support youths in improving their oracy and reading skills.

These opportunities allowed her to learn to communicate and interact effectively with people from diverse backgrounds and gain a sensitivity for other cultural norms.

Despite working in a different industry, her passion for reading literature and teaching children remained. Thus began her journey to become a teacher specialising in the English language.

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