The LSR Mighty Hall of Fame 2023! 

Our inaugural Learn, Share, Replay Mighty Hall of Fame event has come to a conclusion. We are thrilled to extend our heartfelt congratulations to the following recipients whose effort and progress are an inspiration to all!

Once again, congratulations to all our recipients and thank you for making Learn, Share, Replay Mighty Hall of Fame 2023 a success. To all of Lil’ but Mighty Junior Teachers, keep shining bright like stars and you could be the next Star Junior Teacher!


Star Junior Teacher
(Best Explanation + Presenter)​

Judging Criteria

  • Provides explanation(s) for the rules/ strategies with full accuracy
  • Shows annotations clearly on the whiteboard/ screen
  • Demonstrates deep understanding of the topic
  • Delivers explanation in a clear, coherent and confident manner

Outstanding Speaker
(Captivating Presenter)​

Judging Criteria

  • Speaks with clarity and at a good pace
  • Projects his/ her voice to be heard clearly
  • Maintains good posture and eye contact
  • Uses appropriate facial and hand gestures
  • Engages the listener

Most Improved Presenter

Judging Criteria

  • Shows effort in preparation of LSR
  • Displays a marked improvement from previous LSR attempts
  • Demonstrates resilience

Look At the Goodies Up for Grabs!

  • Star Junior Teacher:
    Certificate + Keychain
  • Outstanding Presenter:
    Certificate + Keychain
  • Most Improved Presenter:
    Certificate + Keychain

What Exactly is Learn, Share, Replay?

1. Learn

Effective EL strategies with specially curated materials

2. Share

Peer teaching to build 21st century skills

3. Replay

Reflect on peer teaching and reinforce learning

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An exclamation mark conveys a sense of excitement.

We want our children to be excited and confident to share with their peers what they have learnt. Harnessing the power of peer teaching, we know that being able to teach speaks volume of how much a child has learnt.

Meet LBM’s Junior Teachers!

Key features of “Share”
  • Builds 21st Century competencies – Oral presentation, respect, confidence and more
  • Uses teaching/explaining to others as a tool to learning
  • Structured Peer Teaching process (Preparation, teaching, reflection)
  • Allows student to deepen understanding of a technique during preparation