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Lower Primary English Enrichment

If you’d like your child to start off Lower Primary with an edge over everyone else, Lil’ but Mighty is here to show you…

“The Only Lower Primary English Enrichment Programme In Singapore That Helps Your P1-2 Child Prepare For The PSLE… All While Having Fun & Falling In Love With The Language!”

Through our unique and fun learning activities in our “Learn, Share, Replay” programme, your child will be jumping leaps & bounds ahead of others… without realising it!

Founded By Parents, For Parents

Hi everyone, my name is Lily Chew, mother of 3 and founder of Lil’ but Mighty. Founded in 2015, we’re an English specialist centre that focuses on Singapore’s Primary School English Syllabus. We believe that every child is capable of achieving his or her fullest potential simply through the right strategies, mindset, and by studying with like-minded peers.

And along with our proud achievements of helping pupils from all across Singapore, you might have seen us on news networks & magazines such as “CNA”, “Young Parents”, “Money Smart” & “The New Paper”.

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It’s Normal To Be Worried About Your Primary School Child… Especially When It Comes To An Important Subject Which Seems Hard to Grasp for Many!

I began officially teaching in a primary school in 2010.

Through the years, my passion for teaching grew as I taught pupils with various learning abilities and personalities. And trust me, I know what’s it like to worry about your child, or ponder over whether they’re keeping up with their studies.

Are they too stressed? Are they having fun while they learn? Can they cope with the syllabus? Are they able to apply what I am teaching?

Because the truth is, they are our babies. And in 2014, my prayers were finally answered.

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I Was Blessed With A Beautiful Child.

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And right then and there, I knew that I wanted to deliver and teach English in a way which my own child will enjoy and understand.  

I reflected on how I learnt as a pupil and how I wished I had learnt; I wanted to have fun but still be confident in expressing myself in the language.

For the times when I was confused, I wish there had been step-by-step methods to guide me better.

I Decided To Take Matters Into My Own Hands.

Coupled with the knowledge that I had with being an MOE teacher, I created a methodology that focuses on preparing a child for the examinations, while at the same time, not ignoring the fact that it had to be fun & enjoyable. I used this newfound method on my child… and he loved it! 

He was more careful with his work (though he still needs reminders!), correcting the English of those around him, and showing appreciation for the joy and humour which English brings. Right then and there, I knew I had successfully helped my child discover a love for learning while he’s still in his growing years. So, if there’s one thing I want you to take to heart after reading this letter, it’s to…

“Start As Early As Possible!”

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Research has shown that parents who start educating their child in their early years, 

Learn & perform at an accelerated pace in their later years! 

But of course, not all methods, such as blind memorisation or cramming their heads with various technique after technique can help a child learn properly,

And the danger is, the wrong methods can kill a child’s interest and destroy his or her confidence in the language.

We do not want that.

Here’s How We’ll Do Things Differently

Instead, we want our children to learn through specific teaching methods, 

That will allow them to understand & apply what was learnt quicker, and retain what was learnt much more efficiently.

All while enjoying the language and building their confidence.

So to my fellow parents out there,

If you want your child to get a head start in lower primary English,

All while loving the learning process every step of the way,

Then come check out our proprietary…

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Learn, Share, Replay Methodology!

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We are the only centre in Singapore that empowers students to teach what he/she has learnt using our LSR Methodology!

Our LSR Methodology will allow your child to:

  • Start building and expressing conversational & written skills essential for later primary school years and beyond in just a few lessons

  • Be so familiar with & awed by the unique learning process that they’ll be eager to teach their friends and classmates about them 

  • Be motivated to learn and improve in their English on their own (without nagging from parents to “read more” and “write more”)

Here’s What Your Child Can Expect From Each Lower Primary English Enrichment Class


How to start focusing on powerful vocabulary that will develop into a strong aid during his/her Upper Primary years.

Yup, as time goes by, you, as well as the people around your child will be dumbfounded when they hear your child speak with such an amazing repertoire of words at his/her disposal!

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The fastest way to learn grammar effectively as well as how to eliminate grammatical mistakes in one fell swoop!

Making grammatical errors is one of the most common reasons why children are unable to clinch an AL1 once he/she sits for exams in Primary 3. We’ll help your child to be mindful of and eliminate grammatical errors through our unique teaching method!

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The “Mighty” way to construct sentences that are succinct & impressive to readers.

Do you know that having a strong foundation in grammar and a solid grounding in sentence construction not only affect your child’s writing but also in scoring for the comprehension component? We want your child to express their ideas and understanding clearly to seize the marks. 

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Step-by-step on how to break down and perform well for the composition & comprehension components

Compos & Compres might be a tough huddle for P1-P2 kids to overcome as they may not know the rigorous requirements of the components in the first 2 years of primary school. However, through our step-by-step process, your child will easily learn how to craft skilful compositions and comprehensions that are “to the point” and elaborative! (P.S: You’ll be amazed when you read your child’s written work) 

LBM Badge 2023 Bookworm

Mighty Reader – Lil’ but Mighty’s Lower Primary Reading Programme!

Designed to complement the book-based approach of our curriculum, our Mighty Reader programme aims to inculcate in our youngest students a love for (and a habit of) reading, And the most voracious of readers even get their own Mighty Reader badge!

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And many, many more!

This is just a small fraction of what your child will learn during each of our classes! If you want to find out more, then do yourself a favour and help us help your child through our Lower Primary English Enrichment class!

The P1 "Mighty Reader" Book Club

Have you heard? We have grub up for grabs – meet the Primary 1 Lil’ but Mighty Reader bookworm badge! 

Let your lil’ ones embark on a reading journey and be the early bird to catch it. With prompts to imagine, draw, write, and more, our nine activities are designed to take our students on a tour of the fascinating world of books! 📚

Limited Seats For Our Lower Primary English Enrichment Classes

Parents, I’m sure you already know that for our physical classes,

Seats will be extremely limited due to the safe distancing measures implemented by the government,

As such we’ll only hold a physical seating capacity of up to 6 students per our Lower Primary English Enrichment class.

We Have 5 Different Locations To Choose From!

Lil’ but Mighty – Clementi
Block 431 Clementi Avenue 3, #01-326, S120431

Lil’ but Mighty – Hougang
Block 211 Hougang Street 21, #01-305 (Back Entrance), S530211

Lil’ but Mighty – Bukit Timah
170 Upper Bukit Timah Road, #B2-02, S588179

Lil’ but Mighty – Novena
1 Goldhill Plaza, #02-25, S308899

Lil’ but Mighty – Marine Parade
1 Marine Parade, Parkway Centre, #04-05, S449408

Here’s What Parents/Lil' Ones Have Been Sharing About Us! 

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“Kyran is enjoying the lessons so far. The class size is small so he is able to participate more. He showed me worksheets from his last lesson about air ships, something about locomotive transportation, and he told me more about it. I think that’s what he enjoys.

My sister saw Lil’ but Mighty’s website and so far the reviews were good so I decided to sign Kyran up for a trial class. And from the class, Kyran is the one who said he wanted to continue. 

I spoke to Teacher Nuri and she did mention that Kyran is quite participative in class. We decided to sign up and see if the enrichment classes help him with his English.

One month after enrolling Kyran, I have noticed that he has learned to write compositions and use more interesting words.”

Stephanie, parent of Kyran, student of Holy Innocents’ Primary School P2 IGNITE Programme
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“Kai Jin says classes are fun. I am quite particular but because my sister-in-law also recommended Lil’ but Mighty to me, that was also another push point.

I signed up Kai Jin at Lil’ but Mighty through a recommendation. Kai Jin’s classmate wanted to go so we decided to give it a try. So far it has been good; Kai Jin says classes are fun. I am quite particular but because my sister-in-law also recommended Lil’ but Mighty to me, that was also another push point. She was telling me Lil’ but Mighty is pretty good and that she knows a very good teacher who teaches at the Bukit Timah branch. Although we are attending the Hougang branch, this was still one of the factors that made me try Lil’ but Mighty.”

Cindy, parent of Kai Jin, student of Catholic High School, P1 WONDER Programme
generic testimonial yanzhe

“We told him that classes are only once a week but after his first lesson, he said he saw the schedule placed on the glass door at the centre and told us: “Actually there is class tomorrow, can I come over tomorrow?”

“Yan Zhe’s response to the teacher is positive and he’s very keen to attend the tuition class. We told him that classes are only once a week but after his first lesson, he said he saw the schedule placed on the glass door at the centre and told us: “Actually there is class tomorrow, can I come over tomorrow?”

We told him no, this is only once a week.

At the beginning, when we told him that he is going for tuition classes, he refused. This is the first time we are sending him and we are very glad that he is looking forward to attending the next class.”

Mdm Lim, parent of Yan Zhe, P2 IGNITE Programme

“She said her teacher guided her throughout the lesson and played games in between. She even taught us a game at home and we played with her.”

“We saw an advertisement by Lil’ but Mighty and in the video, Mrs Chew shared some points about the LBM approach that piqued our interest. We decided to book a trial class for Lydia to let her experience it. She enjoyed the trial class and immediately said she wanted to continue with the classes. “This is my work,” she said as she showed us how and what she learned in class. She said her teacher guided her throughout the lesson and played games in between. She even taught us a game at home and we played with her. Seeing Lydia enjoy the lesson, we have decided to sign up for the P2 classes at Lil’ but Mighty.”

Lydia, parent of Phoebe, P2 IGNITE Programme

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Each class will be approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes long. This duration is necessary to help your child absorb everything that needs to be learned in the lessons.

Of course! We strictly follow safe-distancing measures implemented by the government. Hand sanitisers can also be found in each classroom. Not to mention, we clean our classrooms before and after every class session to ensure maximum hygiene.

Definitely. Our classes will guide your child to build an ever growing concrete foundation in English. You will see your child’s enthusiasm towards the language grow in just 1 lesson. By the 4th lesson, we aim for your child to be extensively more proficient till the point that she/he will be able to teach other classmates!