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Word Search with Ketchup!

It’s that time again! Join Ketchup in our brand new “Word Search with Ketchup”, and stand to win attractive prizes!

How do you begin? Simply watch (and sing!) our “Synonyms for Happy” song below, and fill in the blanks with 10 synonyms for the word “happy”. Then, find the 10 words in the word search!

Fill up the form below to get your very own copy of the Word Search!

On top of the Word Search, remember to also write a sentence using one of the PHRASES from the Synonyms of Happy song that describe happiness, and draw a picture to illustrate it! 🙂

And you will stand to walk away with a Ketchup tee! 5 lucky winners will be picked among those who complete the above tasks correctly!

Contest ends 30th September 2023, so get started!

Download your Word Search now!

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