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Hi, Parents! The year is coming to an end! Did your P1-6 child perform less than ideally? Well, If you want your child to start 2022 with a huge advantage and score well for English…

“Discover How Lil’ but Mighty’s ‘Learn, Share, Replay’ Method Is Helping Hundreds Of Students Excel In All Sections Of The English Paper!”

Now’s the chance for your child to improve by leaps and bounds in the next few weeks… and start the new year on the right foot!

Here’s What You Need To Know About
Lil’ But Mighty!

If you’re looking for a solution to help your child nail down all the different sections of the next English exam…

Watch This Video To Discover How Lil’ but Mighty’s ‘Learn, Share, Replay’ Methodology can help him/her become fully prepared to excel in 2022!

Learn, Share, Replay Methodology!

We are the only centre in Singapore that empowers students to teach what he/she has learnt using our LSR Methodology!

Our LSR Methodology will allow your child to:

  • Learn and apply unique strategies for every section of the English exam.

  • Be so familiar with the strategies that they’re able to teach their friends and classmates about them 

  • Be motivated to learn and improve in their English on their own (without nagging from parents to “read more” and “write more”)

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Here’s What Your Child Can Expect From
Each Lil’ but Mighty Class

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Specific strategies for each section of the English exam paper

In each class, your child will learn unique strategies on how to tackle even their weakest components! You’ll be surprised when their weakest areas are getting the scores they never had!

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Small class size for maximum learning.

Most tuition centres have class sizes that extend to 15-18 students. We make sure that our classes are small (6 students) so that every child can have a chance to interact & learn to their fullest potential! (No child left behind!)

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Highly experienced teachers trained to deliver the “Learn, Share, Replay” Methodology!

We made sure that all our teachers are trained to deliver the strategies in an engaging way. All teachers go through an extensive training before they teach their first class. 


Interactive & engaging activities

If there’s one thing we want to promise, it’s that your child will find every lesson to be filled with focused learning activities that will keep their eyes peeled right to the very end!

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Access to interactive vocabulary revision cards!

Vocabulary is not learnt by looking at a word and its definition once. Your child will get interactive vocabulary cards to reinforce the learning of new vocabulary in class.

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Online access

Access to online student portal and messaging app for updates on your child’s progress

Limited Seats For Both Physical And Online Trial Classes

Parents, I’m sure you already know that for our physical classes,

Seats will be extremely limited due to the safe distancing measures implemented by the government,

As such we’ll only hold a physical seating capacity of up to 6 students per immersion class.

We also limit our online classes to ensure that every child (including yours) gets the attention he/she needs to learn. 

So there are extremely limited seats for parents who want their child to be dramatically more prepared for the English Exams!

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About Lil’ But Mighty

Founded in 2015, Lil’ but Mighty has been constantly seeking out new ways to improve a child’s learning in English.

We believe that every child is capable of achieving their fullest potential simply through the right strategies, mindset, and by studying with like-minded peers.

And along with our proud achievements of helping students from all across Singapore,

You might have seen us on news networks & magazines such as “Channel News Asia”, “Young Parents”, “Money Smart” & “The New Paper”.

We Have 5 Different Locations To Choose From!

Lil’ but Mighty – Clementi
Block 431 Clementi Avenue 3, #01-326, S120431

Lil’ but Mighty – Hougang
Block 211 Hougang Street 21, #01-305 (Back Entrance), S530211

Lil’ but Mighty – Bukit Timah
170 Upper Bukit Timah Road, #B2-02, S588179

Lil’ but Mighty – Novena
1 Goldhill Plaza, #02-25, S308899

Lil’ but Mighty – Marine Parade
1 Marine Parade, Parkway Centre, #04-05, S449408

Results, Not Promises

Promises will translate to results if your lil’ one is willing to work hard and apply our step-by-step approach to master the various components in PSLE and O level English. Here are some of the success stories of our students who have worked hard to achieve their results. They were all once where your lil one is at now.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Each class will be approximately 2-hours long. This duration is necessary to help your child absorb everything that needs to be learned in the lessons.

Of course! We strictly follow safe-distancing measures implemented by the government. Hand sanitisers can also be found in each classroom. Not to mention, we clean our classrooms before and after every class session to ensure maximum hygiene.

In terms of difference between our physical & online class, not much, just the location. However, we are vastly different from other centres as we guide your child using specific strategies based on the different components in the English exams. Once your child learns and applies our specific strategies, you’re going to see his/her scores increase, along with your child’s confidence!

Not at all. At Lil’ But Mighty, we make it a point to ensure our online lessons are just as effective as our physical classes. This can be seen from the feedback we’ve received from parents about how engaging our online lessons are. As mentioned earlier, the only difference is in the location, not the quality!

Definitely. Our classes will guide your child to build an ever growing concrete foundation in English. You will see your child’s enthusiasm towards the language grow in just 1 lesson. By the 4th lesson, we aim for your child to be extensively more proficient till the point that she/he will be able to teach other classmates!

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