Make it easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

Give your child a head start with the Easy Peasy Model Composition and Flashcard Toolkit!

Input before output but make it fun!

  • Watch free online pre-recorded videos on essential topics such as:

  1. Grammar

  2. Oral


Free printable materials to help your lower primary child grasp the requirements for English :

1. Printable worksheets for practice (P1/2)
2. P2 Model Compositions
3. Vocabulary Flashcards on 50 essential words for P1/2 children

  • Quick access to tips to build a strong foundation and master the language:
    – grammar
    – vocabulary
    – comprehension
    – writing
    – oral!

Especially for our P1 lil’ ones!


P1 English Quiz

- What are the English question types the P1s need to know? How familiar is your child with them? Take the Quiz now!


P1 Language Achievement Goals Checklist

- What are some signs that your child is acquiring the language? Here is a list of behaviour in the areas of grammar, vocabulary, comprehension and writing!

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P1/P2 Easy Peasy English Toolkit

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