A message from our Director, Mrs Lily Chew


Dear Parents, Students and Educators,

I hope this letter finds you in good health and high spirits. As we approach the beginning of the academic year 2024, I am delighted to share with you some exciting developments at Lil’ but Mighty. We have been steadfast in our commitment to providing quality education to our students, and our plans for the upcoming year reflect our dedication to this mission.

Lily Chew and Lenard Chew, Co-founders of Lil' but Mighty

Lil’ but Mighty Tampines

One of the most significant highlights for the academic year 2024 is our expansion into the East with the opening of a new tuition branch in Tampines. This will allow us to better cater to the educational needs of students residing in this region. With the addition of this new branch, we will have a total of six centres across Singapore, further extending our reach and bringing us one step closer to fulfilling our mission on making English that makes you happy accessible to every household.

This expansion is a testament to our vision of nurturing young minds and empowering them with the knowledge and skills they need to excel academically and personally. We are confident that our new Tampines branch will quickly become an integral part of the Lil’ but Mighty family and contribute to our continued growth and success.

Tampines Branch

Secondary 4 FLEX Programme

In our ongoing efforts to provide comprehensive and well-rounded education, we are thrilled to announce the introduction of our Secondary 4 O-Level Programme. This new addition to our curriculum is designed to cater to the needs of our secondary students and completes the Secondary O-Level programme of WordStruck, our secondary curriculum arm. 

We understand that a strong foundation in secondary education is crucial for a successful academic journey. Our Secondary 4 O-Level Programme will focus on academic excellence while nurturing critical thinking skills, creativity, and adaptability. We are confident that this programme will enhance the educational experience of our students and help them achieve their academic goals at the O-level English examinations.

Teacher Training and Wellbeing

At Lil’ but Mighty, we recognise that our teachers are the backbone of our institution. To ensure that they are equipped with the latest pedagogical techniques, we are expanding our teacher training initiatives. In the upcoming academic year, we will offer a range of training sessions for our teachers, covering technical skills, teaching methodologies, and classroom management.

Furthermore, we are placing a strong emphasis on the health and mental wellness of our educators. We believe that a healthy and happy teaching staff is essential for creating a positive learning environment for our students. Therefore, we will be sustaining our efforts to conduct workshops and programmes aimed at promoting mental and physical wellness among our teaching staff.

In conclusion, the academic year 2024 holds great promise for Lil’ but Mighty. Our expansion plans, the introduction of the Secondary 4 O-Level Programme, and our commitment to teacher training and wellbeing all reflect our dedication to providing exceptional education to our students. We look forward to another year of growth, learning, and achievement together.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to our teachers, staff, students, and parents for their unwavering support and commitment to our mission. Together, we will continue to make Lil’ but Mighty a beacon of excellence in education.

Thank you, and I eagerly anticipate a successful academic year ahead.

Warmest regards,

Lily Chew

Managing Director

Lil’ but Mighty