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Here’s How the Brain Training Programme Works:

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1) How will the Brain Training Programme be Structured?

Duration: 4 Modules (12 sessions/module)
(Foundation – Developmental – Holistic – Advanced)
Frequency: Min. one session per week (1 hour/session)

Age Group: 7 – 12 years old
Venue: Centre / Classroom based

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2) What are the Solutions for Improving Children’s Cognitive Functions for Learning?

Using 5 Cognitive Functions As Building Blocks:

  1. Memory
  2. Attention 
  3. Spatial Ability
  4. Decision Making
  5. Flexibility
We will work towards the goal of enhancing your child’s cognitive functions to optimise learning!
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3) How is learning like with the innovation brain training gadget, the Senzeband? 

What better way to share than for you to try it on your own? Come experience the Senzeband during the session as we carry out a live demonstration.

Common Problems Faced by Children; Feared by Parents

  • Easily distracted, struggles to focus, and makes repeated errors.
  • Forgetfulness impacting academic performance.
  • Difficulty multitasking and switching between topics.
  • Challenges in environmental adaptation.
  • Struggles to filter thoughts for decision-making.

Positive changes after completing initial 2 sessions:

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Boost in memory
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Boost in flexibility & decision-making abilities
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Boost in spatial awareness

*Statistics are based on real case studies (only completed initial 2 sessions)

Brain Training Programme Fees

Existing students$710 for 12 lessons (before GST) + one time fee of $49 waived
Non-existing students$810 for 12 lessons (before GST) + one time fee of $49 waived
Usual price of $990 + $49 one time cost

What Are You Waiting For?

The Brain Training Programme empowers every child using A.I. technology and gamified learning with fun capability and encouraging methods. The activities are paired together with a Senzeband, a-one-of-a-kind learning gadget in Singapore, to collect real-time brainwaves (gamma, beta, alpha, theta, and delta) using profiled EEG technology backed by A*STAR of Singapore.

The brain training programme provides result proven neurogames to efficiently level up and balance all cognitive skill sets that empower children with a smoother educational journey towards success.

Let us help you guide your child!

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