PSLE Oral | TOP 5 Topics Tested for 2020 Prelim Oral Examinations

Hello everyone, it’s Miss Elysia! I hope your preparation for the PSLE Oral examinations has been going wonderful! This week, we’re here to give your revision a boost by sharing five of the most commonly tested topics this prelim examination! We have also provided a list of possible questions asked for each topic, based on our students’ sharing. Although these should, by no means, be the only topics you prepare for, it would still be good to be prepared for such topics since they have proven to be so popular amongst schools.

TOP 5 Topics Tested for 2020 Prelim Oral Examinations


From our analysis, we have made a couple of observations, Firstly, you will see that for question 1, evaluation of the effectiveness/usefulness of a poster has become more popular this year after this question type appeared for the first time in last year’s PSLE oral examination. However, bearing in mind that there are two days to the PSLE oral examinations and the stimuli would be different, students should still revise and be prepared for the multiple-choice and Yes/No question types for question 1 too.

Secondly, the expression of personal responses, relevant experiences and ideas remain important in achieving success in the SBC. Students should find most of the topics and questions in the list relatable. Even if they have not experienced it personally, they should be able to relate the topic/questions to their friends or family. Hence, do show initiative in doing so!

Now, let’s take a look at the list:


TOP 5 Topics Tested for 2020 Prelim Oral Examinations


Question 1

  • Look at this poster. Do you think this poster is useful in reminding swimmers what to do at the swimming complex? Why or why not?
    – How do you think you can make this poster more attractive?

  • Look at this poster. Do you think this poster would encourage people to follow the rules? Why or why not?
    – How do you think you can make this poster more attractive?

  • Look at this poster. Do you think the rules are important? Why or why not?

Question 2

  • Share an experience of an inconsiderate behaviour.

  • Have you seen anybody being inconsiderate?

  • Have you been inconsiderate before?

  • If your friends or family members committed an inconsiderate act, what would you do?

Question 3

  • Why do you think people need reminders to be considerate?

  • How do you behave in public?

  • Do you need to be reminded to do things?


TOP 5 Topics Tested for 2020 Prelim Oral Examinations

Question 1

  • Look at this poster. Do you think this poster would encourage the public to donate to this cause? Why or why not?
    – Would you donate your favourite books/toys/clothes to charity? Why or why not?

Question 2

  • Do you mind using hand-me-downs?

  • Have you ever donated something before?

  • Do you take care of your belongings?

  • Have you done a good deed before? Tell us about it.

Question 3

  • Do you think it is important to donate things that are in good condition?

  • Do you know how to reduce, reuse and recycle?

  • What does your school do to encourage students to be kind to other people?


TOP 5 Topics Tested for 2020 Prelim Oral Examinations

Question 1

  • Look at this poster. Would you buy any of these dishes? Why or why not
    – Why do you think they offer complimentary dishes on weekdays?

Question 2

  • Would you prefer to eat at home or dine out?

  • Do you think your diet is a healthy one?

  • What is a recent/last celebration you had?
    – Eating is a way for some people to celebrate. What is another way which you can celebrate?

Question 3

  • Why do people celebrate special occasions?

  • Do you prefer eating in a hawker centre or restaurant?


TOP 5 Topics Tested for 2020 Prelim Oral Examinations

Question 1

  • Look at this poster. Would you like to buy this toothpaste? Why or why not?
    – Which gift would you like to get?

Question 2

  • Tell me about an experience when you went to the dentist.
    – Do you think you should visit the dentist regularly?

  • Why do you think keeping your teeth clean is important?

  • What is your favourite type of food?
    – Do you think your diet affects your dental health?

Question 3

  • How would you advise a person with poor hygiene habits?

  • What are the benefits of personal hygiene?

  • What do you think parents should do to encourage their children to brush their teeth regularly?

  • Do you think your diet affects your face/complexion?


TOP 5 Topics Tested for 2020 Prelim Oral Examinations

Question 1

  • Look at this poster. Which gift would you like to receive the most?

  • Look at this poster. Would you be happy if you received any of these gifts? Why or why not?

Question 2

  • How would you feel if you received a gift from someone?

  • What is a special gift you have received?

  • What are other ways can you bring joy to others, besides gifts?

Question 3

  • Do you agree that giving someone a gift makes them happy? Why or why not?

  • Do you think giving someone a gift can brighten up their day? Why or why not?

  • Would you rather donate or volunteer your time, instead of giving gifts?

Here, we have our top 5 most popular oral topics! Did any of these come up for your prelims? Are they topics that you can relate to? If not, it’s time to get cracking and begin practising for these common topics! Do share as much as you can. In oral, more is more, as long as you link your responses back to the question. Until next time, have a good time practising!

Can you think of any other topics that could possibly come up? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!




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