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Mother’s Day Quiz | Find the Perfect Gift for your Mum!

I love my mother, truth-serum fact. But somehow no matter how hard I try, showing her my love feels like a guessing game.

Should I get her chocolates and flowers? A day at the spa? Make her breakfast in bed? Give her a backrub? What is it that she would like exactly?

I get a headache every time it’s Mother’s Day.

Let’s fix that, shall we?

According to Dr. Gary Chapman (writer of a book called The 5 Love Languages®), each of us has different love languages and learning a person’s love language is the key to ending the guessing game.

So what’s your mum’s love language? What’s the best present you can give her this Mother’s Day?

End the guessing game now by taking the Mother’s Day Quiz below! Do wait for the quiz to load…

What do your answers mean?


If your answers are mostly “A” (Mother’s Day Quiz above), your mum’s love language is: Words of Affirmation

Mother's Day Quiz

I love you. I appreciate you. You’re the best mum in the world. Mum really loves it when you say it out loud! It’s even better when you tell her why. Text her, leave her a note, call her. Even as simple as saying “thank you” wins her heart a million times over.

For Mother’s Day, we suggest writing a poem for Mum and going all out. Wear your Sunday best and read it aloud. Nothing would make her happier than hearing what an awesome Mum she is and how much you love her.

Roses are red, violets are blue

Every day is Mother’s Day

For a Mum as awesome as you!

If you’re more musically inclined, you can change the lyrics of your favourite song, too, and sing it to her.

You don’t have to be a child prodigy here. Just wear your heart on your sleeve and give it your best shot!

If your answers are mostly “B” (Mother’s Day Quiz above), your mum’s love language is: Acts of Service

Mother's Day Quiz

Letting Mum lift a finger this Mother’s Day is a criminal offence! Can you whip up some eggs and butter her toast? Surprise Mum with breakfast in bed she won’t soon forget. Then, go for gold and create All-for-Mum Coupons for her to use anytime. A what now? And how? All-for-Mum Coupons can be cut-outs of colourful paper (or if you like, you can make them digitally with apps like ImageQuote or Quotes Creator) where you write details about what the coupon offers. Here are great examples:

  1. Babysitter Coupon – this coupon allows Mum 12 hours to herself while you babysit your little sister or brother.

  2. Massage Coupon – for a full 30 minutes, let Mum decide whether she wants a backrub, a leg massage or a full-body experience!

  3. Housework Coupon – from sunrise to sunset, Mum chooses household tasks for you! Wash the dishes, sweep the floor, wipe the shelves, she names it!

Get creative now!

If your answers are mostly “C”, your mum’s love language is: Receiving Gifts

Mother's Day Quiz

Flowers, chocolates, jewellery. Mum really loves receiving presents. This is probably how Dad won her over!

No money? No problem!

Gather the best photos you have with Mum and create a photo collage or a slideshow with apps like Photo Collage Maker or Slideshow Maker. Have fun and get creative by captioning your photos!

Receiving a card never gets old either. If you’re better with doing illustrations yourself, then get your paper and colouring tools out and create a card for Mum! Make it funny with lines like:

  • Only a mother as wonderful as you can have a child as wonderful as me.

  • No matter what life throws at you, at least you have extremely good-looking children.

  • Mom, I may not be perfect and that’s okay. I forgive you.

You’re no Michelangelo but your gift will be a thousand times more valuable to Mum than the Sistine Chapel ceiling to High Renaissance art.

If your answers are mostly “D” (Mother’s Day Quiz above), your mum’s love language is: Quality Time

Mother's Day Quiz

Mum’s mantra is: it’s not how much time you have, it’s how you spend it.

Don’t let the Circuit Breaker put a damper on Mother’s Day. Instead, put the brakes on your online games and social networks and give Mum the undivided attention she deserves. Pay attention to Mum and do something meaningful together at home. Ask her about a recipe she wants to try and make it with her. Has she been wanting to redecorate a room in the house? Or try a 20-minute workout? Or simply listen to old records? Ask her what she wants to do and do all those things with her.

Take selfies, watch a sappy movie, sit and talk about the things you will accomplish in the future that’ll make her proud, or chat about absolutely nothing. It doesn’t matter to Mum. All that matters to her is that you’re in this moment together.

So get cracking and tune in to the All-Mum show that’ll make her Mother’s Day the best one yet.

If your answers are mostly “E” (Mother’s Day Quiz above), your mum’s love language is: Physical Touch

Mother's Day Quiz

Almost anything upsetting can be fixed with a hug. This is Mum. To her, the most powerful expression of love is your touch.

Be intentional on Mother’s Day and plan ways to express your love through touch. In the morning, cuddle with her in bed. During the day, give her a backrub or a leg massage. When she’s sitting on the couch, lie down on her lap or sit close to her.

My love language is physical touch and somehow, as the apple doesn’t fall from the tree, so is my toddler’s. While working from home, he comes to me every few minutes and says, “Mummy, I want five hugs and four tickles.” This simple act is as reassuring to him as it is to me. When I’m stressed out and under a lot of pressure, my son’s touch soothes and calms me like no other.

This is how your Mum feels, too. Whatever you end up doing on Mother’s Day, be at close proximity and give Mum lots of warm hugs and kisses.

Are you all ready to celebrate your mum on this very special day? We hope that the above has provided you with some great ideas that will give your mum a Mother’s Day to brag to her friends about. Of course, it is not just about what you do on that one day. Make every day count and be sure to show your mum the love she deserves, as much and as often as you can. Take the Mother’s Day Quiz above if you haven’t!

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