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English Teachers: 5 Things to Expect When You Join LBM!

This week, we would like to share with prospective teachers the inside scoop of joining the Lil’ but Mighty family! If you like what you have been seeing on our website and have been contemplating our English Teacher position, this is a post to help shed some light on how it would be like. Even if you are not a teacher, we invite you to read on to know what makes Lil’ but Mighty tick.


1. Community building

Community building is about connecting and bringing people together for a common purpose. Learning is never meant to be an individualist, isolated activity. Being part of a community means that you are never alone and there will always be someone to learn from and grow with. Teachers at LBM write our own tips and strategies to put up on the Lil’ But Mighty blog so that everyone benefits from them. Other than blog posts, teachers are also involved in the production of videos, hosting of webinars and recording of online courses. We know that with each parent and child that we engaged, we are building a stronger community anchored in their love for the English language.


2. Space to exercise creativity

“Is there a particular way you would want me to do this?”

“No, you can research and see how you would be keen to carry this out!”

Don’t be surprised to hear this. We believe in empowering every teacher that is part of LBM. We like to give free reign to our teachers in planning the lessons because every individual is wired with different great ideas and wouldn’t it be great to tap into all of it? Using visuals to trigger various idioms and going out of the centre to look for authentic visual text stimulus are just some creative ways of teaching that our teachers have come up with. Dare to be creative, it makes teaching and learning more exciting.



3. Collaboration

Collaboration is a constant at LBM. Just because you are given authority to plan does not mean that you are left alone. The team is always in conversation about the curriculum, the blog, where to get the best tea in the vicinity etc. Support is given to each teacher whenever she needs and as a team, we push forward together.

Collaboration also extends to parents. Believing in how parents are important stakeholders and a partnership is the catalyst for a child’s progress, LBM teachers communicate frequently with parents face-to-face after class, via Class Dojo’s messaging function and regularly post updates on the child’s progress. Need we elaborate more on how we value collaboration?



4. Lots of opportunities for English Teacher position growth

An inspired learner will wish to inspire others to learn. LBM teachers continue to experience the joy in learning by attending professional development courses and workshops. Each year, our teachers are encouraged to better themselves in their chosen areas of interest in the English language. Not only does this keep ourselves updated about the education trends and pedagogy in teaching the language, but it also helps rejuvenate us as we reflect on how it is like being in the students’ shoes. Our students’ growth is important but yours is too.



5. Flexibility

Flexibility to encourage optimal performance. How does that work? It starts with us being more interested in having you complete your work with excellence instead of simply clocking in hours at the office just to satisfy a certain number of work hours. We respect where, when and how you have chosen to complete the task. Once goals have been clearly set, LBM teachers are given autonomy to work on it as long as the task is fulfilled with excellence and by the expected date. Our teachers take pride in their work and we know the flexibility helps bring out their best.

Have you been nodding in agreement as you read? If there is a glint in your eye (and it is not from the light of your screen!), click here to find out more about our English Teacher position!

Mrs Chew

With her passion to create relevant and easy-to-understand materials for the lil’ ones, Mrs Lily Chew works alongside her team of teachers to design the Lil’ but Mighty curriculum. Constantly looking at best educational practices and thinking of ways to improve the curriculum, Mrs Chew finds pure joy in unlocking creative and different ways of helping each child achieve his or her personal best.

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