4 Useful Tips for Secondary School English – Edit Your Habits for Editing!

Ever wondered how to tackle Secondary School English Editing? In this video, I will be focusing on the Editing component found in the O Level Paper 1.

For those of you who are unfamiliar or new to this component, allow me to highlight these important points:

  1. This section requires you to identify and edit grammatical errors in a prose text. This is different from the editing component in primary school where you need to identify grammatical as well as spelling errors.
  2. The text consists of 12 lines, and the first and last lines are correct.
  3. For eight of the lines, there is one grammatical error each. You are required to circle each error and write the correct answer in the space provided.
  4. There are two more lines with no errors. You will need to identify these two lines and put a tick for each of the answers.

This is also the component in which my students often make careless mistakes. They would always ask me the same question: How can I minimise the number of careless mistakes I make for editing? And so in this video, I will share four useful tips and habits you can all practise which can help you minimise the careless mistakes you make for this particular section. Watch on!

Before I bid you farewell, let’s recap the 4 things you can practise to minimise careless mistakes when attempting the editing component:

  1. Use the SPCA checklist to review your work
  2. Read the first line in the passage to check for tense
  3. Read the passage sentence by sentence
  4. Revisit and redo completed editing practices

This brings us to the end of this video. I hope that you’ll find these tips useful and put them to good use in future. Until my next post, stay happy, stay safe, and stay healthy. See you again!

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Mr. Ng

Mr Ng firmly believes that there is a strong correlation between effort and eventual success, and that finding success in English is something that is attainable by all of his students regardless of their background and starting point. He has a strong love and passion for the language and hopes to inspire that same passion in his students through his lessons. That being said, he looks forward to bringing out the best in his students and guiding them to fulfil the potential they all have.

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