3 Video Games That Challenge Out-Of-The-Box Thinking

Hello, everyone! I hope you have been well. Today, I will share some of my favourite video games on Nintendo Switch. These console games not only promise hours of fun but also provide a platform for you to exercise your problem-solving skills.

In recent years, problem-solving has become an essential skill. Beyond the confines of the classroom, problem-solving empowers students to become critical thinkers and creative problem solvers. By exercising your brain juices to become effective problem solvers, you’ll strengthen your grit and creativity. Plus, these gamified challenges will teach you how to cope with setbacks and resolve conflicts better.

Here are three titles that will boggle the mind and put your problem-solving skills to the test:

1. Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain

This fast-paced and interactive game tests the five core functions of your brain: identify, memorise, analyse, compute, and visualise. With varying difficulty levels, you can start off in the Sprout league and slowly progress to the Super Elite league. Each player can also select their starting difficulty, making it less intimidating for new gamers who want to give this game a shot. As you increase your skill and speed by practising certain activities, you’ll unlock new outfit options for your in-game avatar. Since the game includes a feature that allows you to battle with up to four players, it’s an ideal companion for a play date or game night with your family!

2. Overcooked! All You Can Eat

Imagine you’re the chef of the Onion Kingdom. You’ve been tasked to satiate the zombie toast creatures called the “Unbread”. However, you must be adaptable and think on your feet. The kitchens you’ll be operating in are literally out of this world! From cooking in a floating kitchen in mid-air to one situated on an alien ship, your characters will be subjected to the wackiest obstacles while trying to stave off the “Unbread”. To ace this game, you’ll need to manage your time well and work out an effective system in the kitchen. Communicating with your teammates is also essential since there’s a level of unpredictability in the game. You need to be specific in giving instructions and to clarify if the ones you are receiving are unclear, while under immense pressure! Expect your kitchen to catch fire or mobilise your character to jump over a truck to serve the dishes. I’ve learnt from this game that being adaptable to new situations and constant communication are a recipe for success. It leads to more dishes being served and an overall higher restaurant rating.

3. Layton’s Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires’ Conspiracy

If you love a game with a fantastic story, Layton’s Mystery Journey will definitely regale you with its captivating animations and charming dialogue. This edition is a spin-off from the original Professor Layton series known for its confounding and entertaining puzzles. The game follows the adventures of the esteemed professor’s daughter Katrielle, who is doing her utmost to step out of her father’s shadow and build her legacy as a respected puzzle-solver and private detective. As you navigate through the story, gameplay takes on something of a cross between a point-and-click adventure and a more traditional puzzle game. You’ll be challenged to solve some incredible cases, including the stolen final scene of an art house film and an eccentric millionaire’s lost feline. Each case sees you moving between different parts of Katrielle’s town that are made up of static screens you can scrutinise with a magnifying glass to find hidden treasures and interview characters. Apart from its interesting story, the puzzles featured in this game are sure to push you to think in new directions.

These three titles are all available on Nintendo Switch. I hope you will check out these games and enjoy them with your family. If you would like to share a game recommendation, please leave a comment below. Take care and have fun this June holiday!

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