3 facts to ace PSLE 1

3 facts you need to know to ace the PSLE English

Should I just focus on Composition Writing for my child? It takes up 40 marks…

Fact #1: Every mark has equal weightage regardless of the component e.g. A 1-mark increase in composition writing is equivalent to a 1-mark increase in paper 2 or in Oral. Compared to 40 marks in composition writing, Paper 2 alone carries a whooping 95 marks which is significantly higher in weightage!

Fact #2: Improvement in PSLE English Paper 2 is more easily achieved than in Composition writing with the right strategies. Writing is an intricate process that involves the building of content and language. It takes careful breakdown of writing techniques, language input and practice for improvement to be made over a period of time. Compared to paper 2, progress can be achieved more efficiently in certain components such as grammar and synthesis. With consistent practice and drills, the student will easily seize more marks as they become more aware of the question types, strategies and the errors to avoid.

Fact #3: Spreading your targeted increase in marks among the different components is easier to achieve than placing all your eggs in one basket. More individual components in Paper 2 means that there is a greater chance of improving in the paper quickly. What do we mean by that? Let’s illustrate with a simple example (refer to table) of a child’s results and his possible plans to achieve his target.